3C5FWY4F9B631C48C634D5mxEver since I bought my plane ticket for China last month, I’ve been craving Chinese food. No, not the kind my mom makes every night. No, not the kind we get in an authentic Chinese restaurant in the United States where there are no intricate flavoring, nothing but MSG. No, I am craving the kind of food one would find on the streets of China. Now, those are good.

I am talking about hand-pulled rice noodle and porridge, just like the ones my mom and I used to get every morning when I was a child. I’m talking about intricately yet perfectly flavored soups that involves no MSG whatsoever. Oh and let’s not mention the noodle soup.

You can tell I’m very excited to go back now. After 15 years, I think it’s time. My mom is saying my aunt will provide me with some Hong Kong dollars so I can get something to eat during the two-hour wait in Hong Kong for the boat to take me back to my hometown. Hong Kong’s food is the best or so I’ve heard. Last time I visited was 2005. I was fourteen, what did I know?


Last night, during dinner, mom suggested that I spend the four months in China learning a skill. At first, I thought, more school? Ugh, no thanks. 1419512737-681319292_nIt turned out she meant baking and learn to make Chinese Dim Sum since I’m so addicted to the Greatest British Baking Show and other shows have to do with cooking.

It’s true. I am addicted to that show. I also like to cook and bake but never have the time or the chance since mom’s so concerned about the hygiene and cleanness of the kitchen. Last night, she got mad because I touched the center of the chicken with my finger to check to see if the chicken is baked all the way. It’s ridiculous! Cooks do it all the time, don’t they?

Most importantly, I love food even though my figure doesn’t allow me to have much of it.

But four month to learn baking? Hmm, I’m not sure. I kind of want to go to travel. After all, I have never visited Japan, Taiwan, or Europe. And then I have to return and open a bakery and work everyday of the week? I’m getting skeptical on this plan even though I will be doing something I like. I still need a break.

I’m not sure but for now, baby steps. Deal with one thing at a time.

Daily Prompt – Craving

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7 thoughts on “Craving

  1. Best of luck. With Mom (many Moms) in the kitchen, it’s hard to learn to do your own cooking/baking; they are picky! But it would be neat to learn some authentic dishes or some baking. Enjoy 🙂

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  2. The food pictures look so good!!
    It would be so cool to learn how to make Chinese Dim Sum to not rely on Chinese restaurants for Dim Sum, even though I have to admit that it’s probably going to be a lot of work. xD
    Anyways, have fun with China and traveling~
    Wishing you the best,
    mimita 🙂

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    1. I agree, it would be so great not to have to go to Chinese restaurants to have their MSG dim sum. At least when I make it, I wouldn’t put MSG in it. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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