This morning started out great. I had this beautiful painting-like sunrise outside my bedroom and thought, the clouds are parting, it must mean the weather’s improving. I couldn’t be more wrong. Continue reading “Saturday”

What a day!

This may look like it was written when I’m half awake because I was exhausted yesterday. I am exhausted today. I really really really need to sleep.

I spent half of yesterday morning trying to search for answers in my oh-so-vague business law book. Guess that’s the result of having a CPA write a law book.

That book has to be the worst textbook ever written. The answers to the questions at the end of the chapter are not even in the book. I had to google it and look in five or six websites before I even find the answers.

Let’s not forget to mention each clause of the Constitution are so vaguely explained that after I read it, I am scratching my head going what the heck does that supposed to mean? Oh and have I mention how much I have come to hate the wording of the Constitution? No wonder people break laws, no one can understand what it means. Even the Supreme Court justices have arguments over the interpretation of the meaning.

Before the semester began, I thought it would be fun studying all those landmark cases since I enjoy history and all but now it feels it feels, oh, I can’t even find the words to describe it. I still have two case briefs that’s due tomorrow as well as I have to take three chapter quizzes. In three words, I am miserable. 😦

Yeah, I know what I’ve said about how my semester is looking bright, yadi yada, but this business law class is just driving me insane. The material, the pile of homework, it’s just beyond crazy!

Anyway, back to yesterday. I spent the remainder of the morning working on my cost accounting assignment, now that’s a piece of cake. I finished it in a jiffy. After lunch, I returned to my room, attempting to write something but I was interrupted by my mom dragging me out to shop the second I finished my story for Friday Fictioneers. She said I needed the exercise and walking around the base exchange was classified as exercise.

At least I hit jackpot and finally scored myself two pairs of jeans, 🙂 which it’s still sitting in a bag by my door. I haven’t had time to hang it since the five minutes after I came home, I was busy finishing tagging my post to be published.


Then just as I was getting ready to hang my new pants, I had to leave again, this time, to school. I am volunteering for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) next month and I need to get my certification in order to be qualified to help people file their taxes.

My mom wanted to get her certification too. So she tagged along.

Oh my gosh, do you know how annoying it was? She was always steps behind the instructor and asking me for help. Then I ended steps behind too.

Thank god at least I’ve used this program once before and I still remember what I’ve learned from my taxation class but her mind seemed as if it was blank. So many times during the night, I wanted to get up and yell in her face, “Why don’t you look up at the screen and see what the instructor is doing?”

I know it’s wrong but I’m getting this certification to volunteer, to earn my service hours. Meanwhile, she’s just doing it for the fun of it. If I do something wrong, I have a big risk. I have to get the experience to find a job. Meanwhile, she doesn’t need to worry about this risk.

Anyway, I was exhausted by the time I got home. My mom was suggesting we do the three quizzes but I was like NO WAY, I have to sleep. I was to get up before six this morning to take my annoying cousin to take his TOEFL exam this morning AGAIN.

I am exhausted and I want to sleep. Unfortunately, that won’t be possible since my homework is piling up and I just gulped down a large cup of cappuccino. Besides, I have to go pick up my cousin soon. Now, I just hope I can get a grip on this business law class and then hopefully, all will be right in the world.

 Daily Prompt: Easy Fix (Hopefully)

If I have a vial of truth serum…

Today’s daily prompt states: You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum. Who would you give it to (with the person’s consent, of course) — and what questions would you ask?

Hmm, which poor soul would I use the truth serum on?

You know, I am a curious person yet I seldom ask questions. I believe that is because sometimes asking too much questions drive a person crazy and I hate making people feel bad. Hmm, is that why I let my smart-mouth cousin say things about over and over? Is that why I cannot get him to shut up?

Anyway, if I have a vial of truth serum, I probably would keep it and never use it. But let’s say hypothetically that I do use it. I can interrogate anyone I want, three people come to mind but the question is what do I ask them?

Assuming my curiosity have driven me insane and I finally decide to use my secret weapon, truth serum, the two people I would use it on would be my grandparents. By then, I probably won’t even ask for their consent before injecting them both with half of dose of the truth serum. I don’t want to be cruel but I’m afraid if I use the truth serum on them, I am more than desperate. Either way, I will get the answer that’s been bugging me for most of my life.

If I don’t use the truth serum on my grandparents to get some deserving answers, I would otherwise use it for curiosity and the person I would use it on is my first crush. The story is we sort of fell in like with each other in freshman high school but he never told me he likes me. However, right before I moved to Texas, his sister told me that he likes me but if he did like me, wouldn’t he tell me that himself? So it makes me feel suspicious about the truth.

Of course, I would ask him for consent because he isn’t my grandparents and I have a feeling he would consent because he is a little shy and is probably afraid to tell the truth without truth serum. So the questions I would ask him are:

  • Did you have a crush on me in high school, before I moved to Texas?
  • Why did you have your sister tell me instead of telling me yourself?

Unless, someone else is keeping something from me, these are the three individuals I would ever use the truth serum on.

An Open Letter to…

See, I told you I’d post something else today. Continue reading “An Open Letter to…”

A Break from Criticism

One of the great things I’ve found out about having my aunt and cousin here is that they can take some of the pressure off of my shoulder. Continue reading “A Break from Criticism”

Just Say It!

What a long day! I just got home from a long day of shopping for clothes and food. Continue reading “Just Say It!”

Information and Common Sense

Today’s Daily Prompt asks whether I agree with this statement: “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein Continue reading “Information and Common Sense”

TGIF: I am achy and exhausted!

I think if you look at me now, I would probably look like the picture on the left. Not to complain but my back aches, so do my knees, legs, and heels. My arms don’t hurt but my fingers were full of pain about two hours ago. Now, I just have the usual wrist pain in my right wrist, probably from what people call the “mouse hand”. Continue reading “TGIF: I am achy and exhausted!”

Remnants of the Past

Sort of like her, except more dramatic

I was incredibly annoyed and frustrated yesterday and last night. I think the only thing I actually enjoyed yesterday was the Beta Alpha Psi meeting and the lunch gathering afterwards. By the way, I’m in. 🙂 I will be an official associate member of the club after I paid my dues. I was going to try for member but the Membership VP of the chapter said in the presentation that it’s better to make my way up from an associate member. It’s not too bad. All I need is to attend five weeks of meetings and lunches plus help out another 10 hours like helping to set up for an events.

Anyway, ah yes, annoyed and frustrated. So I began working on this month’s translation yesterday afternoon. I did not tell mom any of this but I think she will find out sooner or later. I wanted to do this month’s translation in secret so I wouldn’t be rushed. I want to do it at my pace, see?

So mom came home, whined a little about why the plumber wasn’t here to fix the water heater. It shut off automatically the night before, making my shower icy cold. Thank god, at least it’s still summer. Anyway, after her whining, I went back to my “secret” work 😉 and she began doing her homework. She just had to take her laptop downstairs, I don’t know why. 5 minutes later, she whines, “How do you do homework on this thing?”

“You just follow the instruction on the screen.” I said, tired. She’s been like this all weekend. First with excel, now with Connect, an online software we use to access our homework. On Monday, I was so busy trudging between my room and downstairs that I barely got anything done. “I have my own homework too.” I told her.

But she retorted, “If I knew how to use excel, would I ask you?” She has a point but what about the past five years when I needed homework and all I got was a big lecture about never ever go to the library.  The past two days were the same, I told her, just google it. But no. That’s why I need to join this club, to get out especially when my family doubles. I don’t want to feel annoyed and frustrated as well as I don’t want to caught in the crossfire of their fighting.

Sorry I went through all this just to finally address the daily prompt, for those who got here through the pingback. I just really need to get things off my chest and I only have time for two posts today. I’m using my other post for a story on my other blog.

Okay, enough of my rambling, today’s daily prompt read:

500 years from now, an archaeologist accidentally stumbles on the ruins of your home, long buried underground. What will she learn about early-21st-century humans by going through (what remains of) your stuff?

The archaeologist would find evidence of a structurally sound house that was built in the late 20th century as well as the 21st century (partial new basement). If she dug in the backyard, she might find remnants of a variety of toys, plastic utensils, and evidence that there once was an apple tree and two Asian pear trees. Finally, she would learn that some people in the 21st century did not live with completely state-of-the-art, up-to-date technology like smartphone or ipad or iphone, etc., that some people in the 21st century are actually quite simple.

Shutting Down

This morning, I woke up, un-energized. My body ached while my brain felt like it’s gone into shut-down mode. I cannot think of one thing to write. I looked at the Daily Prompt and cannot think of one situation to relate. Continue reading “Shutting Down”

Don’t want to get up!

I live in Northern Utah. So I don’t get to see sunrise because well, the mountains are in the way. But I still think the sun is very annoying. Sure sunshine’s nice but when you’re driving eastbound at 8 o’clock in the morning and that sun has reach high enough over the mountain to shine in your eyes, it’s not so great. Continue reading “Don’t want to get up!”

Changes are coming which means challenges challenges challenges!!!

In two days, I am back in school and I can’t help but feel like changes is coming my way. First of all, I am back in school, five days a week, each day about 3 hours (that’s not so bad 🙂 ). Continue reading “Changes are coming which means challenges challenges challenges!!!”

A Simple Choice

If a literary-minded witch gave me a choice that at a flick of her wand, I would either become an obscure novelist whose work will be admired and studied by a select few for decades, or a popular paperback author whose books give pleasure to millions. Continue reading “A Simple Choice”

Writing by Prompt

One of the things I love about blogging is to be able to free-write. I can write about whatever I want. But this is one of the things I don’t like about blogging because if you get so used to free-write, if it comes down writing based on a prompt, there might be trouble. Continue reading “Writing by Prompt”

Summer Music

Daily Prompt: We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014? Continue reading “Summer Music”

Paid off Finally!

Last October, when I dropped below half-time (<6 credits) in school, the loan company immediately needed me to repay my student loan. How dumb is that? At least let me finish school, earn a decent wage before making me repay the loans. Continue reading “Paid off Finally!”

There is no better feeling than knowing all your work is done

The entire week last week, mom has been pushing me. She was like, “I want to get this done this weekend.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy. You can’t rush when it came to updating a website. Continue reading “There is no better feeling than knowing all your work is done”

Competitive or Underpaid?

I have been wondering whether or not I should write this post but now that the question is burning a hole in my mind, how can I not? At least let me rant a bit. Continue reading “Competitive or Underpaid?”

I wanted to post yesterday but…

Exhaustion and laziness took over. Ever since my test on Tuesday, I didn’t want to do anything. Even now, I still don’t want to do anything but I can’t do that, can I?

On Friday morning, after waiting ’til the last day, I finally got an agenda for Saturday’s club meeting. Then that night, after spending a half-an-hour late in the night preparing for a last-minute speech, I decided to just wing the speech the next day, speak at the top of my head even though I wrote the speech more than two weeks ago as a “Throwback Thursday” post (hint: it’s the one about braces).

Yesterday morning, I was again shaken out of bed in the wee early hours (6:30 am) in the morning by mom for what was the 6th time this week. She was in a hurry off to her monthly training and was having trouble scanning papers onto her computer. So here I am, half asleep, trying to see the blurry error message on the computer while operating the scanner. It just said the printer was low in ink. Why couldn’t she read that for herself?

As soon as that was done, I immediately went back to sleep only to be woken up less than 2 minutes later. This time, she couldn’t find her phone. “Where’s my cell?” She stood over me demanded.

“Um, it’s charging in your room?” I groaned sleepily.

She shuffled out the room and found the phone on her nightstand, charging. “How did you know where it was?” She said where she put it like 10 minutes ago, didn’t she? But I was simply too sleepy to answer.

Anyway, three hours later, I found myself along with two other members of my club trying to get into our meeting spot. I used to work at the school and got my finger printed to access the building. Unfortunately, the security system at the door is all too stubborn. It refused to let me in! I kept pressing my thumb on the thing and it kept flashing red light until my luck changed. It beeped and just like that the doors unlocked and we’re in.

The school corridor felt empty, dark, and cold like I’ve just walked onto a horror movie set. Thank god I wasn’t alone, otherwise I’d be scared. We used the school library for our meeting spot and in the end, only two other people showed. So our meeting was short and quick with me winging my speech in six-minutes-sixteen-seconds and a lot of suggestions were made to improve the meeting. Afterward, I went home, made some of my mom’s famous wontons and went up to my room. But not before mom’s annoying friend called and said she would come over to bring some vegetables to us.

That basically delayed me in taking the quizzes for my summer classes. An hour later, she showed up with two large white bags, one with Chinese bok choy and the other filled with watercress. It barely fit into the fridge but I forced it in. Ah, finally, I can take my exam BUT as I logged onto the website and about to begin, mom comes home and demanded I help her unload the grocery. Now our fridge is basically full to the brim. The cherries are stacked on top of the eggs, the vegetables are on top of the rice, and the pound cakes are squeezed in the middle.

Then it was exam time. I took almost the entire time (1 hour), searching for answers on the web since the book was so lack of everything (details, answers…). Naturally, I got them all right. After that, I just didn’t want to do anything more. I didn’t want to relax either. I don’t know what I want to do exactly. All I know is I don’t want to take anymore exams!!!

But I can’t, can I. I have to take two more today and the midterm tomorrow. Then, I would have to work, complete 5 discussions for my microeconomics class, and write a 4-5 pages essay for both my micro and macroeconomics classes. (Sigh) At this rate, when can I go to the gym? This has to be my busiest summer yet.

I need to get my thoughts on something, don’t I?

Have a wonderful Sunday!

The one thing that went right…

Happy Monday, how were your weekends? 


Sorry it took me so long to post something. I guess I’m just overwhelmed with laziness and frustration. Last weekend started so well with July 4th and all. On Saturday, mom even took me to Costco and I finally purchased a new computer! Then on the way home, at Home Depot, I bought the shelf I’ve said in my post that I needed. I was super excited.

The moment I got home, I immediately went into assembling the shelf. My brain went into high gear and I put together the shelf in no time. I moved the shelf along with my new computer into my room.

Then trouble… Dung Dung Dung!

The internet went down. Well, not down like last time but it became snail-like, even slower than before I switched to cable. The only place in the house that wasn’t slow was anywhere but my room! Can you believe this?

So I’ve been messing and tweaking the modem and router (resetting and moving it around) for the last two days. However, nothing changed. This morning when I could barely get online, I became angry and called up Comcast (the company I signed up internet) and asked what’s going on. No one could answer my question. Instead, the lady reset my modem and I lost her because my phone depended on the internet (no internet, no phone 😦 )

I re-installed everything again and three hours later, everything’s still the same if not slower than before. Pissed, I called Comcast and they insisted I need the change my modem. So I went down there and stood in line for 30 minutes, came back with a brand-new modem. Still, the internet was still so damn slow! WHAT???

The thing that finally went right since I got the shelf was swapping the router 30 minutes. The internet finally became normal-ish again but it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. I don’t know, maybe after two days of irritatingly slow internet and constantly disconnecting, I’m just afraid it might do that again.

Anyway, I won’t write too much today since it’s kind of like my final hours. My GMAT is less than 24 hours. So I have to go panic!!!

Just kidding, I have to do some last minute study though. EEP!!! I’m so excited until it ends tomorrow. 🙂

The Near Impossible Task of Multitasking

In the past two months (mostly), blogging has been a sort of an escapade for me, temporarily escaping work and study to go to another world, the world of blogging, that is. 😀 However, with two weeks away from my GMAT, I realize I need to buckle down and study. Continue reading “The Near Impossible Task of Multitasking”

The Consequences of Procrastination

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The Weekend I’ve been waiting for

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