If I have a vial of truth serum…

Today’s daily prompt states: You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum. Who would you give it to (with the person’s consent, of course) — and what questions would you ask?

Hmm, which poor soul would I use the truth serum on?

You know, I am a curious person yet I seldom ask questions. I believe that is because sometimes asking too much questions drive a person crazy and I hate making people feel bad. Hmm, is that why I let my smart-mouth cousin say things about over and over? Is that why I cannot get him to shut up?

Anyway, if I have a vial of truth serum, I probably would keep it and never use it. But let’s say hypothetically that I do use it. I can interrogate anyone I want, three people come to mind but the question is what do I ask them?

Assuming my curiosity have driven me insane and I finally decide to use my secret weapon, truth serum, the two people I would use it on would be my grandparents. By then, I probably won’t even ask for their consent before injecting them both with half of dose of the truth serum. I don’t want to be cruel but I’m afraid if I use the truth serum on them, I am more than desperate. Either way, I will get the answer that’s been bugging me for most of my life.

If I don’t use the truth serum on my grandparents to get some deserving answers, I would otherwise use it for curiosity and the person I would use it on is my first crush. The story is we sort of fell in like with each other in freshman high school but he never told me he likes me. However, right before I moved to Texas, his sister told me that he likes me but if he did like me, wouldn’t he tell me that himself? So it makes me feel suspicious about the truth.

Of course, I would ask him for consent because he isn’t my grandparents and I have a feeling he would consent because he is a little shy and is probably afraid to tell the truth without truth serum. So the questions I would ask him are:

  • Did you have a crush on me in high school, before I moved to Texas?
  • Why did you have your sister tell me instead of telling me yourself?

Unless, someone else is keeping something from me, these are the three individuals I would ever use the truth serum on.

8 thoughts on “If I have a vial of truth serum…

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  4. How awful to not know the truth about a family tragedy like that! I would be using the truth serum too, even if by force. We have a family situation that is a he said/she said and I’d really like the true story to come out already. I would be using the truth serum on the ‘he’ in that situation as I suspect him to be the liar. I hope you eventually get to the bottom of the cause of your father’s death.

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