Writing by Prompt

One of the things I love about blogging is to be able to free-write. I can write about whatever I want. But this is one of the things I don’t like about blogging because if you get so used to free-write, if it comes down writing based on a prompt, there might be trouble.

This is exactly what I’m dealing with at the moment. I’m taking two economics classes and both of them require a term paper. At the beginning, I was actually excited and thought it would be a piece of cake. 4 pages? No problem.

But as I read the prompt last week, attempted to get it out of way, I was shocked. Either I am very bad at this or the prompt is really what I think: VAGUE.  Don’t you think so? Just read below.

Read the article. Write a 3-4 pages on your opinion Re: National Debt. 

Your microeconomic paper should be oriented toward the marginal costs and benefits of a decision that an individual, business, government, etc. entity has made, will make, or may make.

I am currently working on the one that’s due next Friday and so far I have about 400 words down. The thing is I have no idea how to discuss economics. Economics and politics has never been my thing. That’s why I tried so hard to stay away but then the inevitable happened. Now, I’m in the middle and the way to get out is to suffer through it.

At least it’s 12-point font and double space or else I would really be suffering. The other day I tried to ask mom a question about economics and she gave me a 30-minute lecture about the importance of economics! All I asked was “What do you think the prompt is asking?”!

Anyway, that is why this past week, I have been writing posts for the daily prompt because a new school year is approaching and who knows what they will have me write. So I need to practice and strengthen my weakness: writing to prompt.

I would write more today but I have to get to my club training. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Writing by Prompt

  1. Hey there Yinglan. You write very well to the prompts.About your economics assignment:: you can always start the discussion with historical facts or trends which you can pick up online or at the library. That will get your feet wet and you should be able to jump right in explaining the article’s author’s view versus the reality of how things really work. And then take the side of one of the number of entities cited by the assignment prompt. When I was in college and unfamiliar with a subject, this is what I would do. It’s filler–it will take up a whole page or more and it gets you rolling along. Just a suggestion. Hope it helps. Lucy


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