Age, The Indicator of Time

When we were young, our parents used to plan extravagant and over-the-top birthday parties, remember? But as we grow older, those parties become less and less extravagant or even fades away.

Age may be just a number to some people but to me, it is a serious number because age is also an indication of how much we have left on Earth, not to sound bum or anything. But it’s true!

As you may have read my About the Author page recently, you may have find out that I was diagnosed with Albright’s Osteodystrophy a few years back. The doctor told me that if I didn’t get diagnosed sooner and begin my treatment for my Hypocalcimia (Low Calcium – part of Albright’s) sooner, the calcium in my body would have run out by the age of 33! I was scared to death when the doctor first told me that at 14. Imagine being told you only have a certain amount of time left.

However, since my health has improved in the recent years, I have learned to relax because my life-span is once again lengthened by the temporary cure from the medication. But age is still the most important number to me because it shows my life is slowly changing for the better or for the worst.

8 thoughts on “Age, The Indicator of Time

  1. you’re really tough, so young when you got diagnosed. it had to be really hard for someone so young to hear it 😦 but I’m glad you are more optimistic now and that your health is getting bit better 🙂 any chances you can get rid of the disease? it’s the first time I hear of it


    1. It’s a rare disease. Even the doctor that saw me said I’m the 10th patient with this disease in 30 years. That’s the unfortunate part. It’s genetic and not a lot of research has been done other than finding out what it is. But at least I got the most important part (calcium) out of the way. 🙂


      1. sorry to hear that 😦 but I keep my fingers crossed and pray that it can only get better 🙂 and the medicine is getting better and better, maybe soon someone will find a way! 🙂


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