The Weekend’s Series of Unfortunate Events

Happy Monday, everyone! How was your weekends? Mine was horrible. Just kidding! But seriously. It was even more horrible than that weekend without internet!

It all began Friday morning, when mom woke me up at 6 something am as usual just to scream a million instructions into my sleepy ears. Didn’t she know I couldn’t sleep the night before because of all the firework? Of course, her room is on the opposite side of mine. So her side was quieter than mine.

Anyway, all I heard was go to Weber, get a letter of verification, and get a parking permit. So I did at ’round 11 am. I came home at ’round 1, made myself a delicious lunch, went up to my room, and began working on my Macroeconomics paper. Just as I began typing, I was interrupted by an incessant beeping.

At first, I thought it was the smoke detector beeping but there wasn’t smoke in the house. I followed my ears to the source of the beeping, the microwave. The beeping was beyond annoying. It drove me crazy! I couldn’t think with it. On the tiny screen, it said, code 310. I pressed reset and it seemed to work.

toonvectors-10134-140I walked away quietly like I was trying not to disturb a baby sleeping. Just as I made it to the stair, the microwave beeped. I almost jumped up and down like a kid having a fit. I pressed reset again and this time, it didn’t even work!

So I yanked the cord from the outlet and stomped upstairs to Google. It turned out “code 310” on a microwave means a shorted key pad. There was nothing I can do. Google told me to open the control panel box in the back. I’m like, uh, where is that?

I knew what mom was thinking even though she wasn’t home. You’re an engineer, fix it! 


When mom came home, I told her what happened. The first thing she did, blame me. I was like…

I’ve only used the microwave for 35 seconds this morning to heat up my croissant! It didn’t start beeping until 2 pm. That is like 1 2 3 4 hours later!!!

She didn’t care. She was firm on blaming me when every little thing that breaks in the house.

On Saturday morning, as I mentioned in previous post, I was off to my Club officer training.  It went quite well and strangely, I enjoyed socializing with old people who are in their golden year. As I headed back to my car that afternoon, I realized I need gas, or else how am I supposed to make it to Salt Lake City for my Exit Interview on Monday.

I stopped by a gas station on the home and filled my car with gasoline. I got back into the car a few minutes later, twisted the key, and nothing! No power, no lights, nothing! My heart began pounding and I started to panic and when I’m panicking, swear words will begin flying out of my mouth.

Shit! What am I going to do? How do I get home? Why does that bitch always do this to me?

I called home to mom, sort of begging her to come help me. She was like…

This is your fault! I told you to get a new car a week ago. 

But my car’s perfectly fine a week ago!

Imagine this except there's traffic on the road and it's daytime
Imagine this except there’s traffic on the road and it’s daytime

She screamed at me, asked me to ask other people at the gas station for help. If only there are people at the gas station. So she screamed at me to call AAA for help. I hung up on her. My car broke down, my hands and legs were shaking uncontrollably, I was hungry, I didn’t need all this crap from her. Not at that moment. What I needed was comfort, someone to tell me everything’s fine, blah blah blah.

Eventually, the tow truck came. The old man thought I needed a tow home. I was like…

I specifically mentioned I need a jump first. If that doesn’t work, then tow. 

The guy wanted my money, see. I was 13 miles away from home and AAA only offered 5 miles tow free. So I have to pay $8.50 per extra mile.

wrigley-the-praying-canine-its-a-miracle-21605806My car started after the jump! It was a miracle! I sped toward the nearest Autozone and have a guy check it out. It was a dead battery. So I got a $130 battery and voila, problem fixed! Of course, when I got home, mom was like…

I told you so! I told you to change the battery last year and you didn’t listen. Now see what happened. You could have totaled the engine and the car! 

I clenched my fists. No you didn’t! You said it was too expensive blah blah blah. 

Ugh, it was a horrible ordeal and the worst part was that this is somehow my fault.

But every story has a happy ending, right?

Ah, yes! We got a newer bigger microwave, my car is fine, and I finished my paper!!!

Now, I need to get to my exit interview. See ya!!!

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