Piano Progress #1

Piano ProgressSo it’s been about a week since I got my new (old) electric piano and so far, I’ve been playing it a lot and I think I’m improving quite quickly based on the fact that I haven’t played in almost a decade. My mom says I shouldn’t praise myself too much. She thinks praising oneself is bad but who cares. Sometimes, a little praise can go a long way.

I guess what they say it’s true though. “It’s just like getting back onto a bicycle.”  I got my old piano book back from my friend last weekend and so far, although my fingers are still not as flexible as they should be, I can already play one of my three favorite songs from the book.

Here is me playing the song: Greensleeves. It is one of my favorites and one of four songs that I used to play a lot. The other three are Auld Lang Syne, Scarborough Fair, and Canon in D.  Now that I’ve started playing again, I couldn’t stop humming those songs. It’s crazy!

It took me many tries before I got it down perfect, by the way. Every time, it was either a single note or a single chord that messed up the entire recording. I curse my bad memory and lack of confident fingers. It’s beginning to feel calming once again and I hope that by playing the piano, it will help ease my anxiety and at the same time, spark and flourish my imagination and creativity.

Daily Prompt – Flourish

18 thoughts on “Piano Progress #1

  1. Very good hun. Don’t worry about the odd bum note, practice will gets your chops back. I used to play Canon in D on the old Clarinet.

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  2. I’m so proud of you! You did this very well after an extended time without practice. Give reports to all of us mother/grandmother figures out here who are rooting for you. Bet this will be a wonderful relaxed when things get tense.

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    1. Thank you. The people in the WP community are most likely the only ones listening because I sent the same thing to my family in China and they didn’t even take a minute to listen. I’m disappointed in them and I’m very appreciative of you and this community to take time and listen to my playing and absolutely, it is very relaxing. 🙂

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  3. Very impressed! Always some mistake when trying to get it perfect… I know the feeling well. Indeed, the practice can be meditative and relaxing. But recording… Usually, I’ll just throw in the towel.

    Watching from the pit just last night, the fingers of a front row violinist during a complicated passage, I can’t even imagine what it takes to make something like that look so easy. Skill, talent, and many, many years of much enthusiastic commitment.

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    1. Absolutely, it took me so many tries to play through the song without mistakes. For some reason, that little red light on my tablet made me nervous. Thank you for reading.

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