Lens-Artists Challenge #136: Subjects that Begins with the Letter S

This week, for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #136, we are challenged to find a photo that contains a subject which begins with the letter S. I decided to get creative with this photo. Hope you like it.

S is for Sheds and Snow

I have been attempting snow photography for quite a while now but have never been successful. The snow was always falling too fast for me to capture on camera. A few snowstorms came and went last week and this was one of the big ones. It was my opportunity.

Pausing work, I quickly grabbed my camera, switched from the 17-70 mm lens to 70-300 mm lens, set up the tripod in my upstairs bedroom, and aimed it at my across the street neighbor’s shed. Dissatisfied with the result, I tried again with a higher ISO to boost the speed. After trying all the ISO possible on my camera, just as I was about to step back down to ISO 100 to take one more, the snow stopped.

It was just like that – from heavy like in the photo to nothing. It was as if somebody had snapped their fingers.

After taking a peek at the photos in Lightroom, I decided to go with the ISO-400 photo. As a creative decision, I applied an “oil paint” filter on the photo in Photoshop to bring out the snow a little bit and make the photo look sort of like a painting.

20 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #136: Subjects that Begins with the Letter S

  1. such nice wintry mood – the snow and the two sloped rooflines left and right give this a sense of balanced weight and the the yellow trim of the window right syncs with the yellow house back left –

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