Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Lines and Angles


I originally had two pictures I want to put into this post but I changed my mind. The other one looked weird and I think this picture will do all that I need even though I thought it looked less overexposed on my tablet. So this week’s topic is lines and angles.

This was taken in the moment last summer when I was out in the backyard one morning checking on the growth of the trees and plants. My legs got tired of standing so I squatted down and saw the angle of the bricks. I immediately pulled out the camera from my pocket and snapped this picture. Oh, did I mention there are over a thousand bricks in the backyard? Or isn’t a few hundred? I forgot. All I know is the bricks cost over a thousand dollars and we did it all by ourselves, well, I just carried the sand and the bricks while mom carefully put the bricks into patterns.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge

10 thoughts on “Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Lines and Angles

    1. I thought it was a relatively simple design although I had no say in it whatsoever.
      Thank you for the nomination. I will complete the challenge as soon as I can come up with a theme. 🙂

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