The Thing with Wi-Fi Extenders

Did you know Wi-Fi Extenders don’t speed up or slow down internet? It merely boost the router’s signal so all the nooks and crannies in a house get great wi-fi signal.

Try telling that to my mom.

*rolling eyes and shaking head*

It was a long work day yesterday. I worked for almost 10 hours, encountering problem after problem while my head was still on holiday mode even though I didn’t really experienced any holiday spirit this past week.

The moment my mom found out I’m off the clock, she stomped out of her room and yanked the wi-fi extender out of the wall. I didn’t even hear it. All I heard were stomp, stomp, stomp, a dull thud, and a door slam. Next thing I knew, my wi-fi extender was on the floor.

The night before, like almost every night since I bought the extender, she had complained, “Your damn thing is making the internet slow. I can’t even watch my YouTube videos.” Wah wah wah…

Do you know why I had to get this extender in the first place?

Because the wi-fi signal in my room stinks. The connection is dropping unpredictably during work days – on my laptop, on my phone, even Alexa ignores me as the result of a dropped connection.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Is it possible mom’s taking up my bandwidth. On a typical workday, she’s got 4 devices connected to wi-fi, all streaming videos at the same time. My internet usage app says she spends an average of 15 hours a day streaming YouTube.

It’s crazy, right? Yeah, it’s crazy.

Meanwhile, I’m stuck in my room with my laptop and phone listening to downloaded stuff from Audible, anxiously anticipating the next time my wi-fi connection drops while praying it’s not during a call.

Oh yeah, my internet dropped during a very important call last month. I lost 5 minutes of important conversation trying to get back online. That’s 5 minutes during which I could’ve discussed work stuff that’s been on my mind but instead, by the time I got back online, my boss informed me he’s late for another meeting and gotta go.

And she has the guts to call me selfish. I pay all the bills even though she uses a majority of the utilities. You know what she told me last week, she’s not helping me with the bills (not that she has), she’s putting 65% of her paycheck into retirement. This will probably mean I need to work more overtime hours to give my meager paycheck a boost.

5 thoughts on “The Thing with Wi-Fi Extenders

  1. You are a good daughter. But, it may time to reply in kind because she is indeed elating your bandwidth. Downloading or streaming video is the most gig intensive thing that you can do online. The only real option is to pay for more and after bandwidth from your provider if she is going to continue. Or, I’m pretty sure you can block her usage from your provider’s desktop.

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    1. I tried the kindness thing for years, it doesn’t work on her. She often will go twist the words around until unrecognizable. Internet is so darn expensive where I live. I’m paying $130 a month just got 75 mbps. It’s ridiculous.
      And of course, I can absolutely block her usage but I’d be the one suffering if I do.


  2. Yep. She is using a LOT of bandwidth. A lot of us can sympathize with you on your connection dropping out. There are so many people using the Internet right now for work, school, and to avoid boredom.

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