Piano Progress #2

Piano ProgressWell, it’s been almost a month since I began playing the piano again after 9 years and so far, I think it’s having a good effect on me. My memory is beginning to improve, my typing is getting faster, and I’m happier. 🙂

I’m making my way through the piano book which I used to learn to play the piano the first time and so far, it’s going fine. I’m already learning Amazing Grace, which is the last song in the book. I’m an overachiever, I learn the hardest song first. Besides, I used to play Amazing Grace a hundred times a day, so it shouldn’t take long for my tiny fingers to relearn the song.

Anyway, last time, I said three of my favorite songs to play on the piano 9 years ago are Greensleeves, Auld Lang Syne, and Scarborough Fair. I guess you can call them my childhood anthems. Well, I’ve mastered all three songs! Scarborough Fair was the toughest of the three. It took me a week to get my hands to play the right notes. The eighth note really messes me up. No matter, I got it at last. I just kept humming and playing until my fingers played the correct notes.

Here is the recording of me playing Scarborough Fair. I decided to use the “vibe” setting on my electric piano just because I think it sound better than the piano.

I’m not sure if the sound will be loud enough. I tried to reduce a little of the noises in the background but unsuccessful. I’ve also been trying to find a way to connect the piano to my computer so the recording will come out clearer and the background noise will be reduced to a minimum but as you might have guessed, school’s been super busy. Maybe later.

Thanks for reading.

21 thoughts on “Piano Progress #2

  1. I haven’t touched the piano in years :/
    The reason for me was how all my friends played piano (and half of them are orchestra level) so whenever the piano was around, they were always fighting over it (and showing off).
    Pretty much killed my interest in playing 😐 Especially when we essentially all wanted to play the same songs… (yiruma compositions)
    I kind of miss it though. Keep up the good work!

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    1. I agree, the song is beautiful and one of my favorites. I can listen to this song a thousand times and not get bored with it. Thank you for reading. 🙂


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