Memorial Day

I hope everyone in the U.S. is having a good Memorial Day. Continue reading “Memorial Day”

A Special Tree


This is from a tree right around the corner from my home. Continue reading “A Special Tree”

Safe Haven

As few of you know, I’ve been seeing a therapist since the beginning of this month and I think it’s time I update my current mental situation.  Continue reading “Safe Haven”


I am terrible at keeping secrets. If you tell me a secret, I will have to tell someone or I might explode. Continue reading “Secrets”

I heard my voice

I have never watched a video of myself. Often times, I’m behind the camera, not in front of it. When I visited China more than a decade ago, I didn’t have a camera. Continue reading “I heard my voice”

What am I?

So far I’ve read quite a few responses to today’s daily prompt and learned a lot about my fellow bloggers’ detailed family lineages and quite frankly, I know almost nothing of my own. Continue reading “What am I?”

The Worst and the Best

The worst possible thing that could have happened to me today has already happened. Yesterday, I was so incredibly thrill to finally find a book I like. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book I like so much. Continue reading “The Worst and the Best”

Worst Quality?

What are my worst qualities?

If you ask different people, they will tell you something very different. For example, my mom will probably say my worst quality is that I’m lazy while if you ask, say, my driving instructor, he will probably say I am too careful which apparently is not always a good thing when it comes to driving.

Me myself?

I think one of my seriously bad quality is procrastination. Oftentimes, I will tell myself, “Okay, the assignment is due in two weeks. You better get a move on and finish it this weekend.” Then I will relax and then three days before the assignment is due, I will panic. The weird thing is, this only happens with school assignments. I don’t procrastinate at work. I don’t know what my deal with procrastination is.the-5-stages-of-procrastination_o_302869

My other bad quality is that I often find myself running my mouth off. Mom is often mad at me for this. I mean, it’s not like I’m not trying. I try to filter my thoughts but it seems to make everything worse. It’s like before, these were just random thoughts but now, these thoughts have gone from random to ridiculous. Maybe I’m trying too hard to filter my thoughts to act mature. I don’t know, all I know is I’m better when I’m not thinking too hard.181_cartoon_rambling

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Daily Prompt – Flawed

A Child’s Dream

When I was 10, I was getting ready to make the trip of a lifetime, the 11-hour airplane ride from Guangzhou, China to Los Angeles, California. I wasn’t thinking of what I want to become when I grew up. Just trying to adapt to my new environment was a difficult enough task. Continue reading “A Child’s Dream”

Stubborn Culture

The whole reason for travel is to experience new cultures, food, and places, right? Not searching for the same type of food you’re already eating everyday. Maybe that’s why I am frustrated by my family and maybe a little of the culture I come from.  Continue reading “Stubborn Culture”

Not that Lucky/Fall Harvest

Saved by the Bell? No, I’m not that lucky. Continue reading “Not that Lucky/Fall Harvest”

Express Myself…

The answer is so obvious, isn’t it? I write. Before that, I whine and of course, nobody likes a whiner and by whining, not only did it not make me feel better but it made me feel worse. Continue reading “Express Myself…”

My Happy Place

“Go to your happy place,” I hear people say that when someone’s frightened or nervous about an upcoming event. The anesthesiologist said that to me right before he put me under the gas a few years ago when I had my oral surgery. Continue reading “My Happy Place”

Reminiscence of a Childhood Place

One of the disadvantages of moving multiple times during childhood is just as you’re beginning to grow attached to a place, you have to pack your bags and move again. That’s why I don’t have a place from my past that I’m fond of.  Continue reading “Reminiscence of a Childhood Place”

The Time of My Life

I get to plan the perfect day as a 6-year-old, huh?

Let me think… Closing my eyes… Envisioning… Continue reading “The Time of My Life”

Doing Something Helpful…

KNOTS_LAW_helpful_revI’m not sure what today’s prompt mean. Does it mean after I help that person, they return a favor? Continue reading “Doing Something Helpful…”

It’s Not All About Luck

By the way, Happy 24th to me! And Happy 2 years blogging Streak!

I just got back from a morning of work and I’m about to review my notes again for tonight’s quiz. Business law, ugh! Continue reading “It’s Not All About Luck”

If I have the chance…

If I have the chance to be reborn again, I would choose to return to my own body. I would live again and right the wrongs of my first life.  Continue reading “If I have the chance…”

To Overcome a Fear

thinking-will-not-overcome-fear-but-action-will-action-quoteEverybody have fears in them and sometimes it may be silly, serious, small, or large.  Fear lives within everyone.  However, if you try hard enough to conquer those fears, you can ultimately become fearless.  Continue reading “To Overcome a Fear”

Monday Morning Frustration

I think technology is quite tricky sometimes. Continue reading “Monday Morning Frustration”

Quick Thoughts

When was the last time I’ve written something by hand? How about Continue reading “Quick Thoughts”

A Month in a Bubble

Today’s prompt is kind of specific though not specific enough. If I have a contagious disease, won’t I be sick? Continue reading “A Month in a Bubble”

Everything I do…

A music prompt again? Continue reading “Everything I do…”