Healthy with Tiny Problems


I often tell my aunt and mom I am healthy with tiny problems. It makes them laugh but secretly, it has helped me emotionally cope with everything that had been handed to me in the recent months because otherwise I might had gone crazy or driven far into the land of depression instead of just the border.

Last Friday, I spent half of the day at the hospital getting a nuclear stress test done on my heart only I didn’t get it done. During the second part when I was supposed to run on the treadmill, a doctor came in and informed me that it would be dangerous for me to continue. “The radiation amount will be 4 times of the first part.” He said after I was hooked up to the machine.

Couldn’t they had told me sooner? Before I got an IV stuck in my arm? Perhaps when I made the appointment? So much for having a Fall break. I have return on Halloween to do an echo stress test and hopefully this time, it will be the right test since I might be missing one or both of my classes for this.

I’m doing this test because like I said, tiny problems. My skin is overactive causing subcutaneous lupus, thyroid is overactive and body missing calcium absorption function but those are under control, a tiny problem in the heart, and an infection somewhere down below. Is that all? Hmm…

Fortunately, some may be curable.

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