Another Incident with Manners

My first incident with public manner was about three years ago (and I wrote about it) and for a long time, this subject had escaped my mind but recently, it came flying back like a boomerang.good-table-manners-cartoon-know-about-table-manners-60bfr3-clipart

I don’t know how I forgot about this the last time my aunt came to visit. Maybe my brain treated those memories like bad memories and blocked them out. Oh jeez, my aunt has deplorable manners. That’s the nicest way I can put it and I don’t mean to complain but her manner are like she was raised by wolves. Like she’s been living underground and this is the first stint in civilization. Didn’t her dad teach her any manner? My mom isn’t like that and looking at my aunt, I am beginning to be afraid that my other aunt is like that too.

I find my aunt burping, slurping, and farting in public a huge turn-off. It makes me wonder what she’s thinking? She’s a forty-year-old woman. Shouldn’t she know better? Say excuse me, for god’s sake!

Last night, I finally discovered what was stinking up my bathroom. My aunt had been dumping toilet paper in the trash bin. That’s not all, it’s the toilet paper she used to wipe her backside after urinating. Gross, right? Who does that? This makes me double wonder.

Another thing – if you have a weird laugh, try to keep it to yourself. At lunch and dinner, my aunt watches these Chinese shows on her iPad and occasionally, she would summarize the scene like I care and she would laugh. Her laugh makes me shiver and my stomach turn. It sounds like a cross between a horse and donkey.

Now, I hope she’ll finish her show soon and then she may move on to a less funny one. As for the other manner faux-pas, perhaps if I tell her to say excuse me enough, her manners will turn around.

10 thoughts on “Another Incident with Manners

  1. I know in some countries such as Cuba, Margarita and Turkey you are expected as a Tourist to not flush loo paper because the sewage plants cannot cope with the extra load. At least I suspect it is just a thing with tourists, so maybe that is a vibe your aunt is thinking of.

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    1. Haha, I wish. She’s afraid of clogging the toilet because our toilets kept clogging when she visited 2 years ago but we’ve replaced the toilets since then and besides, our toilet paper dissolves.

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  2. Actually, I can understand. Travel enough, and one sees how manners are rather arbitrary (or sometimes functional). As Sandman mentioned, the toilet paper issue is a common one. Many visitors from other countries don’t realize that Americans can flush the stuff. In Japan, I always have to readjust to how noisy eating can be — lots of slurping, sucking up noodles, lip-smacking, drinking out of the bowl (no farting though). Makes me rather cautious, especially about eating abroad. I tend to keep my left hand under the table until I’m sure I’m not in a place where it might be considered to suffice as paper.

    Much younger Japanese guy related to me how he had a Thai girlfriend (in Thailand). One night, he took her out to a very nice restaurant. When he tipped a bowl into his mouth, he said his girlfriend suddenly had an awful expression, burst out in tears, and ran out of the restaurant. Oops.

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