Trip to Bonneville


Last weekend, my mom, aunt, and I traveled two hours westward to a place I have long wanted to visit, Bonneville Salt Flats. I was told it is a beautiful place and upon arriving, I knew what I had been told were not lies. I quickly made my way to the edge of the water and sucked in a breath of salty air. It was quite salty, all right.


I glanced eastward and westward, looking for a good photographic opportunity and after less than a minute, bingo. Not long after taking the shot, my mom and aunt returned from a trip to the restroom. We snapped a few pictures of each other before heading back onto the interstate. Next stop, Bonneville International Speedway.


This place used to the ocean, then it was reduced to a lake, and then a desert. It is still a desert in the summer when there’s no rain and because of the recent storms, water has inhabited the dry land again. As I stood there, I closed my eyes to marvel at the quietness and stillness of my surroundings. It felt so peaceful to stand there. It was the same kind of peace I felt when I was hiking through the forest. It made all the pain and bad feelings I’ve been feeling lately temporarily go away. I wish I never had to leave that place but let’s face it, I have to return to civilization.


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