Eternal Adulthood

It’s been such a long long long time since there was a fresh new prompt. Today’s prompt is not only fresh but it’s doable, at least to me. Continue reading “Eternal Adulthood”

The Difference Between…

I have been called stubborn by multiple individuals with my mom and her friends occupying about 85% of those individuals. Sometimes it’s a compliment while sometimes, it’s just plain mean because they are using the word out of context. Continue reading “The Difference Between…”

Meant To Be

After doing 20 minutes of meditation this morning, I feel energized and awake. Continue reading “Meant To Be”

Work Accomplished

Well, I think I basically accomplished everything that’s work last week. I completely finished with this month’s work yesterday. With that said, I believe I still have a lot of work at my other job. For the past two months, my boss’s been debating whether to change the point-of-sales system even though the system now does all it needs to (make change, take in money, etc) but the inventory tracking system is crap. I think the problem is not the problem, it’s my boss.

He uses a gajillion programs (excel, Quickbooks, who knows what else) to track the inventory and he never updates all of them at the same time. So some of them are really behind. I offered to update them for him but he seemed to think I have my hands full with Quickbooks alone. Hmm, interesting.

Anyway, back to point-of-sales, the part that drives me absolutely nuts is the part where my boss consults me with which machine to buy. Pfft, like I have a clue.

Another thing that drives me insane is that every time I go in, I’d ask him when the new machine is going to get here because I was under impression he had ordered a new point-of-sales system. I’ve been asking this question since the end of June and he answered, “Oh, maybe tomorrow.”

I replied, “Well, if it gets here, call me.”

The truth is, he never ordered the damn machine. Last Thursday night, 11:00 PM, I received a text from my boss. In the text, he said he was excited. He had found a brand new POS system. I’m like, great, why are you telling me?

In the next text, he told me I should go in the shop the next day to check it out. So I went. From an online point-of-view, it looked pretty sophisticated. I told him to just go for it but he has doubts. Not my fault. So hopefully he’ll get the system and be done with this whole debate once and for all.

So I got all I have to get done this week work-wise. Writing-wise, I barely got anything done. I’ve decided to begin anew with my novella again since the high-school scene isn’t really working and it won’t work unless I experience high school myself because being in 3 different high school isn’t anyone’s experience of a high school experience.

Before I go, I want to show some more Beneath your feet pictures. This time, it’s really Beneath Your Feet.

Daily Prompt – Obstacle Course

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Beneath Your Feet

The Long Route Home

There’s not much to look at out the window today. The sky has decided to be gloomy. It looks like it’s going to rain but when? I have absolutely no idea.

There are also not much to look at beneath my feet either. Most times, it’s just concrete or asphalt. The prettiest ground I’ve seen around here is the Gateway Mall in Downtown Salt Lake but I haven’t been there for about two years and the last time, I didn’t bring my camera with me. Oh well.

Therefore I am going to just share some pictures from my walk yesterday.


Before I left, I went into the backyard to see how the garden is doing. The last time I checked was a few weeks ago. Anyway, I’ve been so busy taking pictures of the garden that I have completely forgotten the mint bushes in the corner. The smell was so pungent as I leaned in for a picture not to mention there are bees everywhere. Well, they don’t call it “The Beehive State” for nothing.


This is a watermelon flower. Mom’s been nagging me to take a picture and send it to my aunt in China.

It is hard to believe that this pretty little flower will very soon become a watermelon. I took this yesterday morning and last night, when mom went out to water the plants, she shrieked, “so many watermelon flowers! We’re going to have so many melon this year!” I was genuinely amazed since I only spotted this single flower just hours earlier.


Of course, my photo walk have to include a picture of the sky. I thought this cloud looked like a funnel.


I walked two laps (1 mile) and half of the third lap before I exited the park through the alley next to my aunt’s house and took another route home. It is the long route, about half mile out of the way but it was well worth it.


This picture has been altered just a tiny bit because the truck’s license plate was showing too clearly but not by much. I just picked the effect that blurred the background just a little.

Overall, I think I made the right choice to take the long route. I think I will take this route again and take more pictures next time.

Daily Prompt – Through the Window

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Beneath Your Feet

Tattoos and Scars

Tattoos are like scars. They are both permanent and require pain, although the pain of getting tattoo is intentional compare to scars which may and may not be intentional. Continue reading “Tattoos and Scars”

Let’s Go Somewhere

So mom’s been complaining. “I want to go somewhere,” she whined yesterday after dragging me from the basement, away from my work. Continue reading “Let’s Go Somewhere”


I took pictures of clouds and as I was playing with them in the photo-editing app on my tablet, I was inspired to do something else with them. I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Inspiration

Daily Prompt – Clouds

Spend the Day Imagining

There are reasons I didn’t write for this prompt during the first time around. Continue reading “Spend the Day Imagining”

My Week So Far…

I realize that yesterday, for the first time since February 19, I did not post. Nope, not a single thing. In fact, I didn’t even spend the day writing. Continue reading “My Week So Far…”

Memories: Last Two Days

Today’s prompt: Which good memories are better — the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze? Continue reading “Memories: Last Two Days”

Spotlight Fantasy

Today’s prompt asks: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision? Continue reading “Spotlight Fantasy”


Friendship means a lot and very little to me. Maybe if I have a more encouraging parent… Continue reading “Friendship”

Let It Play Out

Today’s prompt asks: You’ve been granted the power to predict the future! The catch — each time you use your power, it costs you one day (as in, you’ll live one day less). How would you use this power, it at all? Continue reading “Let It Play Out”

My Favorite Invention

Today’s Prompt asks: Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most? Continue reading “My Favorite Invention”

Not Some Bad Lessons to Learn

Today’s Prompt asks: When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous, or selfless for you? Tell us what happened! Continue reading “Not Some Bad Lessons to Learn”

Summer So far…

Today’s prompt asks: If it’s autumn or winter where you live, what are you most looking forward to doing next summer? If it’s spring or summer where you are, what has been the highlight of the season so far for you? Continue reading “Summer So far…”

It Must Be Summer

The room was utterly quiet as I opened my eyes and registered to the fact that it was morning, Saturday morning to be precise.

Continue reading “It Must Be Summer”

More Sleep, Please?

Today’s Prompt: 6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime? Continue reading “More Sleep, Please?”

Evolution of my Childhood Toys

Up until the age of 6 when my mom left for the U.S, I played with barbies and dollhouses. No, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I enjoyed it actually. It was what girls my age played at the time. Continue reading “Evolution of my Childhood Toys”

Great News: Done and Finished

Today’s prompt asks: Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you. Continue reading “Great News: Done and Finished”

Late Night and Awkward Morning

Last night, right before I went to bed, mom burst into my room, tablet in her hand, and told me sadly my grandfather had passed away. Continue reading “Late Night and Awkward Morning”

I Just Had to Write About This

Strange-PlaceToday’s prompt: What’s the strangest place from which you’ve posted to your blog? When was the last time you were out and about, and suddenly thought, “I need to write about this!”?

Strangest Places? I’m not sure what you mean by strange. There are a lot of things in the world that can be classified as “strange” like that tower to the left. Posting in a strange place, no, I don’t think I’ve written posts in strange places yet.


In the meantime, I can answer the second question. I have encountered several circumstances when I just have to write about it. When was the last time? That is a good question. Let’s think.

Still thinking…

Ugh, I can’t think of anything with my work in the way. I’m hoping to complete my translation work today so I don’t have to have it hanging over my head for the rest of the month but I don’t think that is likely to happen since I have to seize the opportunity and go work for my other job today.

Still thinking…

Ha, here we go, I can think of two circumstances.

The first “couldn’t wait” post is called, “The Unwinnable War“.

warIt was written and publish about 13 months ago. So basically, last summer. Now that I reflect on this post, last summer was probably the worst summer in the history of all the summers I’ve had counting the ones as a kid in China. When I wrote this, I felt like I was literally about to blow.

Two weeks after graduating college, mom was making me go back to school. Every conversation we had led to a fight because it’s always about me not finding a job, don’t want to go back to school, not wanting to work, not wanting to study etc. You get my point.

I remember my hands were literally slamming the keyboard when I typed that post. Mom was still bursting into my room every 5 minutes telling me how useless and worthless I was while occasionally throwing something at the back of my head. 2014 had really been a dark and miserable year for me but it’s behind me now and it looks like 2015 is getting better already.

The second “couldn’t wait” post is called, “Is this a Library or a Freezer?

I don’t know, why don’t you click and find out?

A picture of the library

I was literally freezing my ass off in there. When I worked as an ESL tutor, every week, there was one or two days when I couldn’t be in the classroom. The classroom was shared between me, mom (Chinese teacher), and the Spanish teacher. I couldn’t leave the school’s premises and so I had to find another place to go.

Anyway, there’s no thermostat in there and as I sat there trying to do my homework, it would get colder and colder. Even with a t-shirt underneath plus a sweatshirt plus a light jacket plus a large ski jacket (I’m not joking), I still felt cold in there. That room was colder than outside. I couldn’t do much homework in there so I decided to write.

Anyway, I hope you will click the links to the posts and check them out. Although they’re more than a year old, I’m sure they’re still quite relate-able to some people. Looking forward to your likes and feedback on those old posts. 🙂