Worst Quality?

What are my worst qualities?

If you ask different people, they will tell you something very different. For example, my mom will probably say my worst quality is that I’m lazy while if you ask, say, my driving instructor, he will probably say I am too careful which apparently is not always a good thing when it comes to driving.

Me myself?

I think one of my seriously bad quality is procrastination. Oftentimes, I will tell myself, “Okay, the assignment is due in two weeks. You better get a move on and finish it this weekend.” Then I will relax and then three days before the assignment is due, I will panic. The weird thing is, this only happens with school assignments. I don’t procrastinate at work. I don’t know what my deal with procrastination is.the-5-stages-of-procrastination_o_302869

My other bad quality is that I often find myself running my mouth off. Mom is often mad at me for this. I mean, it’s not like I’m not trying. I try to filter my thoughts but it seems to make everything worse. It’s like before, these were just random thoughts but now, these thoughts have gone from random to ridiculous. Maybe I’m trying too hard to filter my thoughts to act mature. I don’t know, all I know is I’m better when I’m not thinking too hard.181_cartoon_rambling

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