If I have the chance…

If I have the chance to be reborn again, I would choose to return to my own body. I would live again and right the wrongs of my first life. 

'Don't worry about my little aches & pains... the important thing is for YOU to be happy!' ~ one of reincarnation's fun little twists.

I wasn’t planning to answer this prompt but interest nagged at me as I was spending the morning finishing my business law homework for tonight. Before that, I was proofreading my mom’s homework for the same class. Yes, we have the same class.

Anyway, I think I need a break from studying and release my thoughts.

I’ve thought about what I want to write for this prompt. My other choice would be to be a bird, to soar to the sky and see the world in a literally bird’s eye view. In the end, I changed my mind not because of the short lifespan of birds but because most birds are constantly hunted its many predators and one of those is a selfish man with large guns.

Not that human is any much better, no offense. We too have predators but that’s society, the survival of the fittest.

So I decided to be me all over again if I have the chance to be reborn. For one thing, I know my own body. I know what it can and can’t do like no matter how strong my mind is, I can’t lift heavy things.

You have to admit, that is a lot better than having to learn about a whole new body. Although, I wouldn’t mind getting a new body, one that’s tall and skinny.

Daily Prompt – From the Top

In other news, I am leaving for my weekend in Las Vegas early tomorrow morning! Therefore, I will be out of range for the weekend. Don’t worry, I will have several scheduled posts to keep you guys entertained and you know me, I like things to be consistent.

So just leave your likes and comments and I will be get back to you as soon as I can.


17 thoughts on “If I have the chance…

  1. Hey Yinglan … It’s cool to know you want to ‘come back’ as your normal self. Sometimes we let ourselves be deceived that the seaweed is greener on the other side.
    Anyway, luckily we don’t need reincarnation as we have just one life here and after that, the eternal life.
    Have a great day.

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