Memorial Day

I hope everyone in the U.S. is having a good Memorial Day. It has at last warmed up here, enough for me to not need to wear my jacket outside and open my window. Meanwhile, I’m being torn three ways! Part of me want to write (a story, a post, or my speech, whatever), another part of me want to finish reading the Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey (the sequel to the 5th Wave) while the remaining part of me want to binge watch on a show. Gurrrrr!!!

Anyway, I’m drawing a blank on this post at the moment. At least, I washed my car today and finally took some pictures of the blooming roses outside the living room window. I hope you enjoy.



36 thoughts on “Memorial Day

      1. good for you! sorry but it was never a series i wanted to see but my daughter follows it. i prefer more intense dramas or historical sagas. hope you have a great time!

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      2. Thanks, I’m a fan on thrillers and crime dramas. I began following the series a few years ago but never watched the beginning and summer is a great time to catch up. 🙂

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  1. The frequent mention of Memorial Day by USA bought to mind this scene from Blackadder, a UK sitcom which had its final series set in the first World War. This is the last few scenes and I will maintain it is one of the most powerful endings to a sitcom ever.

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      1. That’s pretty much the age I began watching it too although I believe it was about a decade later when it made it to the U.S and China.


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