Doing Something Helpful…

KNOTS_LAW_helpful_revI’m not sure what today’s prompt mean. Does it mean after I help that person, they return a favor? Anyway, that’s what I’m interpreting it and I think this can be considered an act of kindness.

Lately, I’ve been re-organizing my posts. As of today, not including this post, 865 posts have been published and they are all different meaning no re-blogs. That’s a lot, right?

You know when you browse for themes, they’ll show how pretty the theme will look? How their posts are showing only the beginning and will have a link that says, “continue reading”? Then when you apply the theme, it doesn’t work? That’s why I ended up choosing a proper front page but I think I’ve recently come up with a solution to fix it.

As you might have noticed, over the last weeks and months, there’s been changes around my blog, just tiny things here and there. That’s because I’m trying to improve my website, to make it easier for visitors to navigate and find the posts that interest them.

Capture 6

I’ve added a “Travel” section two days ago. See?

Anyway, my blog is still a mess as you can tell in the below picture. A few months back, I went through a random categories, trying to find an article I’ve written some time ago. Oh my gosh, it was a mess. It took forever to load and it had nothing to do with the speed of my internet. It’s because it’s trying to display the full text which at times, with pictures can be quite long.

Capture 3

Displaying full text maxes out the RAM and CPU capacity. It makes the entire website and computer slow and it drives me completely insane. I think some of my readers have encountered this issue somewhere else too.

Through trial and error, I finally discovered the “Insert Read More Tag”.

Capture 4

It basically allows me to just show the beginning of the post, thus solves the problem.  It makes it become like this.

Capture 5

A lot better, no? At the same time, you can see my conundrum, right? I have to do this for all 865 posts. I’ve already started and so far, I’ve done maybe a quarter or a third of the 865 posts.

So that’s my act of kindness and I’m hoping you can do me one. I’ve noticed a lot of people liked the motivational quotes I posted on Sunday. It was my first time doing that kind of post willingly. With your “likes”, I assume you liked it? Should I make this a weekly thing? Because it will help me a lot, it will spare me a bit of time, while I reorganize my posts and make my blog a friendlier place to visit.

I will appreciate it incredibly if you can vote in the poll:

What about the funny cartoon post?

Daily Prompt: Pay It Forward

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