Not that Lucky/Fall Harvest

Saved by the Bell? No, I’m not that lucky.

Yes, I would consider being able to extract oneself from a sticky situation at the very last minute very lucky especially if the excuse of extraction is something extraordinary like a phone call, an alarm, or a bell for fire drill. Too bad it’s rarely happened to me, otherwise I would have a story to tell. If it’s happened to me, then maybe it had slipped my mind at the moment.

Sorry, I’m a little under the weather today. My back’s been mysteriously hurting for the past three days and I woke up this morning with a headache. Some far, after taking Ibuprofen, it hasn’t gone away yet.

I’m supposed to complete a chapter of reading for my auditing class tonight but so far, I’m struggling to think of anything other than my translation job. Mom is pressuring me to complete everything by this week. She’s waiting for me so she can do the QC.

It feels like the people around me are constantly trying to ruin my week.

Anyway, I think I’ll end this post by showing a few pictures of our continuous fall harvest.


See the monstrosity the vines of watermelon? It’s all over the place!


Mom’s been picking these two at a time now. They are way better than the melon at the supermarket. I guess that’s the benefit of eating home-grown melons.


This would be the first year we have success with growing tomatoes. Mmm, these are so juicy and sweet.


“I thought you like apples,” mom asked.

“Not these ones, I only like granny-smith apples.” I told her. These are some strange hybrid apples from the rental home. She brought home enough apples to fill this basket times five. So many apples. I’m sure if my aunt was here, she’d eat it all in a heartbeat. Sort of like what she did last year.

Daily Prompt – Saved by the Bell

20 thoughts on “Not that Lucky/Fall Harvest

  1. Give them to the food pantry or homeless shelter, if you don’t want them to go to waste. I like McIntosh Apple’s myself.

    It all looks good to me. My neighbor’s trees shade my yard too much to grow vegetables unless I grew them in the front yard. And there are a lot of deer, grounding and rabbits around my neighborhood so it wouldn’t be long before they would be trying to eat it all.

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    1. I really should get my back checked out since my mom is talking ridiculous again. Something about the probability of me having early-on-set-menopause. My headache is probably just the result of the weird weather here. One day hot and the next is cold.


  2. The watermelon vines are just great – I can practically taste it. The apples look good to me – leave some over at my blog 😉 I love chopped apples in salad with currants and sunflower nuts.

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