I would love to go to a place like in the picture right now, with rapid flowing water generating a cool breeze in this sweltering heat. It’s been blistering hot here and forecast says Mother Nature’s just getting starting. I listened to the radio before I left for work this morning and it reported that downtown was already 94°F at 9:45 am! Then just now, my colleague went out to his car and took a picture of the outside temperature, 106°F. I’m beginning to regret wearing long jeans and walking to work this morning carrying my heavy backpack. I have a feeling it’s going to be an agonizing walk home.

Why can’t we live next to a river? That way, when I walk home, I can be walking in the woods, under the trees, alongside a stream or a river instead of trudging through half-miles of concrete and asphalt.

Another reason to live next to a river or stream, I don’t have to hassle my mom to turn on the AC. I’ve moved into the basement for the summer already because I was trouble breathing in my room. It was like an oven and no matter how many fans I put in the room, only hot air would blow out of them. I asked my mom how she can stand the heat, she replied, “I’m not like you, I am very tolerant of heat.”

On most days, even with the extra layers of thermal padding my mom’s got installed in the attic, the house still gets insanely close to 90°F. I’ll bet part of it might have something to do with the thousand red bricks my mom’s placed in the backyard. Red absorbs heat. On most nights, I can’t get through dinner without breaking a sweat and I’m not even eating spicy food.

So you see why I want to live next to a river? Flowing water means cool breeze and I don’t have to deal with sweltering heat.

16 thoughts on “Water…

  1. Swimming in rivers is great fun!
    Just not in a city or farming environment (pollution/fertiliser run off).
    If you lived suburban and there was a river, though its sorely tempting, I don’t think you’d want to swim in it 😛 haha

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      1. No, I just don’t like icy water. The water in the rivers here are icy because it comes from melted snow. Even on a hot summer day, it’s barely above freezing. Warm water, ew!


  2. Awww, I think I feel you completely. I live by myself, miles away from home where I do not have an AC so I know the struggle. There are a number of lakes in Bhopal (where I live) but unfortunately, I do not live in proximity to any one of them.

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  3. That’s too bad that you have to try and tolerate living in such heat! I hope the basement is much cooler for you. I think there is a reason for AC’s! The picture of the moving river is beautiful and it feels cool just looking at it.

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