The Worst and the Best

The worst possible thing that could have happened to me today has already happened. Yesterday, I was so incredibly thrill to finally find a book I like. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book I like so much.cartoon5819

It’s got all the things I love in a book, suspense and chronicle of life. I began reading it in the morning and couldn’t put it down until I was forced to put it down to accompany my mom on a shopping trip at the base and a trip to Salt Lake City afterwards which resulted in taking 5 hours of my time, 5 hours which I could be reading this adventurous book.

So after we got home at around 4:30, I immediately rushed to my room to finish the book. I was about a quarter complete before I left and spent another two hours completing another quarter of the book. The book went really fast because it was easy to read, like I said, the suspense.

At 6:30, I couldn’t go on any longer, not that I didn’t want to. My stomach was rumbling with hunger and my favorite TV show was starting at 7. As much as I wanted to keep reading, I didn’t want to miss my show. So I chose to watch TV.

At 8:15, after flipping what few channels I have and unable to find anything to watch, I went back upstairs, showered, and returned to the book. Before I knew, it was 10 and I was 85% through. Then my stomach groaned and with that came sharp pain. Why does that always happens at the most pivotal moment? No, I can’t stop now. I have to make it through this book. I have to know the end.

By 11, I couldn’t take it anymore, my stomachache was getting worse. I blamed the water as I rushed to the bathroom. The water at home is too unpredictable for me. It’s the second time I’ve experienced something like this over the winter break. Either I have an extremely weak stomach or there’s something wrong with the water cooler’s water. That’s why I get my water at school.

Anyway, I wound up finishing the book at 11:45, two bathroom trips and four herbal diarrhea pills later. I was exhausted and so ready for bed. I climbed into my bed, took a deep breath, prayed, and slept until almost 9 this morning. My stomach feels a whole lot better this morning. Thank god. If my stomach hasn’t gotten better, I think I’ll have the worst day of what is the best weekend ever.

I might be a little absent in the blogging world these weekend. Don’t worry, I’ve got prepared posts. School’s starting on Monday and with mom gone for the weekend, I am taking the chance to binge-read and binge-write. Weird combination, right?

Daily Prompt: Worst Case Scenario

20 thoughts on “The Worst and the Best

    1. The book is “This is Where it Ends” by
      Marieke Nijkamp. I’ve read quite a few negative reviews about the book but I quite enjoyed it. It’s a quick read. 🙂


    1. I usually feel a little embarrassed to share the title of the books I read but in this case, if you want to know, it’s This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp. I’m currently searching through Goodreads to find other books that pique my interest.

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    1. I’ve read a few stories like that. Unfortunately, I don’t do reviews. I often see reviews as book reports and I’ve only done three book reports in my entire life and hated it. So if I have any comments about the book, I usually just leave it on goodreads.

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      1. Fair enough and a good point about it being like a report. It should be something a little unusual to be an interesting review. Authors who want their books to rate more highly and therefore be more visible on amazon, need people to complete reviews, so I guess that reviews have their place.

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