My Happy Place

“Go to your happy place,” I hear people say that when someone’s frightened or nervous about an upcoming event. The anesthesiologist said that to me right before he put me under the gas a few years ago when I had my oral surgery.

DSCF0623So I guess a person’s happy place is somewhere symbolic and meaningful. When the anesthesiologist said that to me, I didn’t know the answer then and I still don’t know the answer, guess I haven’t found that place yet. It’s still up in the clouds.

I took this picture of the clouds yesterday. After walking the same route to work for the last six month, the route has become incredibly boring for me. Even when I bring the camera along, there’s hardly anything to take picture at anymore.

Therefore, I’ve chosen another way, I’ve chosen to fantasize instead. I’ve chosen to dive into my fantasy-land, a place full of excitement and action, a place where work and money isn’t everything. The cruel part is when I’m plunged back to the boring reality where I have to work and go to school.

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