Reflection on the Week

Well, Friday, finally. This week’s been weird and busy.

Starting off on Monday morning when I woke up to a message from my aunt, wondering how she could “help me”. It turned out mom’s email’s been hacked again. Someone hacked her email and sent an email to everyone in her address book asking for help to get home.

The worst part was that whoever this was signed the name mom used when she opened the account, my name.

I got the email too, thankfully. Otherwise, I would have no idea what my aunt was talking about.

You know how I felt when I saw the email?

I felt ironic because the email read like I’ve run away from home and needed help to get back. The ironic part was that just the day before, I wrote a story about a teenager running away.

It turned out mom didn’t even know her email’s been hacked. I had to drag myself upstairs to let her know. Of course, she panicked, just a little, like her reaction in most extraordinary situations.

That day was crazy because people who received the email texted her and called her wondering if she was fine. “I guess it’s situations like this that shows what true friends I have.” She said.


It made me wonder if my friends would do the same for me if they received an email like this from me. Something tells me they won’t give a damn about me.

Onto the rest of the week. On Tuesday night, I took my audit exam. It went terrible, my superstitious left eye’s been twitching non-stop even now that I, in fact, know I’ve done terrible. 55%, that’s how much I got right. “It’s only the first exam,” my fellow classmate said that night as we were taking a short break after the exam.

To you, it may be the first exam, I wanted to say, to me, it’s the beginning of a bad grade. That was how every one of my failing grades began when I was doing my engineering undergraduate. After my first exam, I’d tell myself to try harder and do better on the next exam but I’d do worse instead and the next one would be worse and worse and before I knew, I’ve failed everything.

Wednesday night was no better. After spending the day re-reading the chapter and doing the problems and exercises for my Global and Complex Entities class, I ended up failing yet another quiz. I felt genuinely hopeless. So many differences between the international accounting standards and U.S. accounting standards. So many regulations. How the hell do people even remember them all?

Last night was my first win of the week. Yesterday, after spending almost three hours in the morning filling the application for food stamp (mom’s suggestion) and got denied, I finally got started reading my Business Law textbook. I was swearing as I took notes for the three chapters that would be quizzed on last night.

Mom just drives me crazy with her usual routines. She asks for my opinion on everything. What am I, her mother? She’s not even 50! And she’s already asking me for help with everything.

After spending a few minutes to stave off my frustration, I finally began reading. “Time for lunch!” She called upstairs. Seriously, will I ever get anything done?

I didn’t get done reading until 4:20, 10 minutes before we had to leave for class. Boy, I hope I’ll do well on this quiz, I prayed along the ride to school while clenching my fists, if I don’t…

Obviously, I did well or I wouldn’t call it my first win. 100%, actually. Yay!

I’m set to go to work today but honestly, I just want to take a break and maybe write. I have a scary story in the works for Halloween and I sure hope I’ll get it done by Halloween.

Well, that’s a quick glance at my week. Thanks for reading.

8 thoughts on “Reflection on the Week

    1. I think maybe you’re right, just because they don’t talk to me doesn’t mean they won’t come to help when I’m in a dire situation, right?

      I guess my mom valuing my opinion is a good thing. It means she’s beginning to value my judgment as an adult but the part I don’t like is she doesn’t give me enough information for me to make a valid decision. It’s like when she asks me whether someone will be a good tenant. I’m like, I’ve never met them, how am I supposed to know?

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