Pure Mountainous


This is Utah. You are always surrounded by mountain ranges, one after another and most of the time, you’ll find yourself driving toward a mountain but never reaching it. My mom often says, “it may feels like you’ll collide with the mountain but it will never happen.”

The picture above was taken at the university as I huffed and puffed my way up that sloped path to the parking lot during the second week of May. Yes, there is still a little bit of snow on that mountain even now in June. You can tell it’s about to rain by the dark stormy clouds hovering the mountain and it did rain just a little bit that afternoon. Not much though, this is the desert.


This is the mountain that’s literally next to the parking lot. You come out of the parking lot, head right, and next thing you know, you’ll be forced to turn or you’ll collide with the mountain. So see? Almost always, in Utah, you’re caught between two mountains, always heading toward a mountain. In the above picture, if I was to turn, I would be directly facing the mountain from the first picture.

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22 thoughts on “Pure Mountainous

  1. When I visited the States for the second time way back in 2001, I went to Utah in April and overnight we had heavy snow around Bryce Canyon, it was surreal.

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  2. What beauty! Funny something you see everyday becomes no big deal, but to us it is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing…be careful not to collide with any mountains on your way home!! 😉

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    1. Indeed! When my friends from the UK came visit, they marveled at the snow mountains while I wondered what’s there to admire. 🙂 Of course, I’ll try to be careful and not to have a collusion with the mountain. 😀 Thank you for reading.

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  3. Beautiful! I’m a mountain person. Most people don’t realize that the Great Basin is mostly high elevations, 4,000ft.+ valley floors and 14,000ft.+ mountain peaks. We’re on opposite sides! The Ruby Mountains, which are magnificent, are right between us. Still a lot of snow here, too. And BTW, I recognize that mountain too. d(-_^)

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    1. I’m on the Wasatch Benches and the elevation is already approach 5000 feet! That lush green mountain is the Ogden Canyon. And I totally agree, my UK friends gasped when I told them the elevations! 🙂

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      1. Yep. I know just where you took the photo. My husband’s workplace is in SLC, and he keeps a home there. About 6,300 ft here. Running in the thinner air keeps me in good shape.
        There’s a nice ski area on the other side of those mountains in your top photo — though I’ve only skied the face you can see. I think the peak on the left has a via ferrata route.

        Mount Whitney, on this side of the basin to the south of here, last February If the image shows, it’s the extreme right peak in the distance. Highest in the contiguous states at just over 14,500 feet.

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