The Time of My Life

I get to plan the perfect day as a 6-year-old, huh?

Let me think… Closing my eyes… Envisioning…


This was me at age five. You can see the resemblance, can’t you?

Between the age of 5 and 6, I had the most perfect life. It was after we, my mom and I, moved to a much bigger apartment. It was the period when my mom and I indulged ourselves with endless take-outs and activities. Even though we were no longer the frequent visitors to the park, I still enjoyed that blissful period.

I think it was so blissful because both of us were trying to grief, forget, and move on after my father passed away. It was sad and yet, I never cried. I was too young to understand, I guess.


This is my kindergarten graduation picture. Which one am I? This was two-and-half months before I turned seven and less than two months before my bliss ended with mom’s departure to the United States.

So if I get 24-hours to be a 6-year-old again, it would be my pleasure to re-live that period of my life, before my life changed, before I was left alone with some relatives, and certainly before my genetic disorder manifested itself.

Where will I go? What will I do? With whom I will be with?

Assuming this time around, I’ll be in the U.S. instead of China, I am planning on spending my 24-hours as a blissful 6-year-old doing all the things a normal 6-year-old who didn’t just lost her father will be doing. I don’t know, what do 6-year-old do these days?

I will certainly be doing those things with my mom, after all, I’m six, I need adult supervision.

I don’t know where I will go. Disneyland? Knott’s Berry Farm? The park and play on the swings for hours at a time?

All I can say is it will be the time of my life.

Daily Prompt: Life’s a Candy Store

6 thoughts on “The Time of My Life

  1. What a precious picture. You are still sweet and precious, Yinglan. Times have been rough but you are still a girl with a smile who gives of herself in the way she can – particularly in writing. You are still being made, as we all are even n our old age. You have much to give the world. Appreciate yourself.

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