I want to thank my blogging friends for the birthday greetings on Facebook and the award nominations on WordPress. You truly made my day. 

My dad’s family completely forgot again and they spent the entire morning making ridiculous demands. It’s always about money with them. I ended up lying to them about not going back to China due to my health problems. They seemed to had panicked just a little before suddenly became generous as to pay for my trip to the embassy to sign the paperwork for forfeiture. Basically, they want me to give up my claim on my grandparents’ apartment so that when they sell it, I won’t get a dime.

That’s crossing a line. Why me? Why do I have to give up my claim when my cousin doesn’t? “They’re manipulating us.” My mom said.

Meanwhile, they’ve been receiving 5000 dollars rent each month for a house my dad invested in for the past who knows how many years. A portion of that money is supposed to go to me and my cousin. Instead, my grandma and her two daughters pocketed it all to live and dine the luxurious life.

My cousin hates their guts now ever since he practically lost everything when his father passed away. Truly, this family is so messed up.

I truly hope they’ll pay for the trip. After all, they’re spending my inheritance, which I will never get. I’ll just pocket the money and perhaps pay off my student loans. Then I’ll just take my time with the forfeiture. Honestly, I don’t deserve to be treated like this. After all, I still bear their last name.

In the mean time, more than a foot of snow fell on Utah mountains within the last 24 hours. The first snow storm of the season. I can tell this is going to be a cold and snowy winter and I’m not prepared at all. Maybe 10 pairs of sweat pants and I’ll be prepared.

25 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Finances always seem to be an issue in families, no matter the family. You are right. You shouldn’t have to give up your claim. Especially, when its money you could really use. Best of luck and enjoy the rest of your Birthday.

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  2. Happy Birthday Yinglan! I’m sorry about the way your father’s relatives are treating you. I hope you get your inheritance. Wow! Already it has snowed in your neck of the world? I’m not ready for the cold weather!

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    1. Thank you. 🙂
      I hope I can get my inheritance too but I think it’s non-existent now. My aunts had taken my cousin and my share and spent it. Oh well, you can’t pick your family, right?
      Yeah, it’s unbelievable that there’s snow on the mountains already. I am wishing for the warm weather to return.


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