A Quest to Find Autumn

Lately, I’ve been on a quest to find autumn. I have been doing this every year and every year, I seemed to have missed it. It’s as if here, where I live, we go from summer to winter in a snap of a finger, like last week when the first snow storm occurred on the mountains. Snow, that’s the sign of winter. Then in a single day, the mountains went from orange and yellow to a blanket of gray and white. It’s unbelievable.

So I’ve decided to find autumn, to search for signs around me that it’s still exists, that we have not reach winter yet. This is what I’ve found.


I took this a little over a week ago before the tornado and the snow storm which dropped a foot of snow on the mountains overnight. Yesterday, I glanced at it again while waiting for the shuttle, the colors were gone.


As for this picture, I have no idea why I took it other than it must be a sign that autumn is still in our midst.

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Quest

6 thoughts on “A Quest to Find Autumn

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  2. I have a leaf photo kind of like yours, too. No particular reason that I took it other than to play with it in Photoshop. 🙂

    Wow, snow already! We’re a very long way from being able to think about snow here where we live. It very rarely snows here. It was in the 90s today. We usually go straight from summer to more summer. Sometimes it thinks about being winter, but it never fully happens. We never have fall and only have spring for a very little while before it is very hot again. We rarely make it out of April before we hit the 100 degree mark. This year we made it all the way through April without reaching it. This summer more than made up for that, though!

    Maybe next year you can sneak up on autumn and enjoy the colors longer. I hope so. 🙂

    Have a blessed week.

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    • Wow, more summer? I’m not sure how much more summer I can take. I like a little cold weather now and then. I heard this winter is supposed to be harsh this year, at least for here in northern Utah and that’s why I’m able to see the color change. The weatherman said the trees are supposedly preparing for winter. If we’re going to have harsh winters, autumn will be the one sneaking up on me since leaves began changing color late-summer this year. 😀

      Have a great week to you too.

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