Thursday Morning


This morning I woke up and realized the house ice cold. I checked the thermostat and it was 60°F which is 15°C. It may be perfect temperature in some places but for me, this is cold. The temperature has been dropping day-by-day. I don’t know what my mom is waiting for. Turn on the heat already!

I have a feeling she’s waiting for either the temperature of the thermostat to drop to 55 or November. I also have a feeling she’s hoping the temperature will go back up to the 80’s so she can rescue her watermelons. Come on, we are approaching mid-October, it’s fall, the 80-degree days are long gone. She’s lived here for 7 years now, doesn’t she realize that?

I realize I will have to move back upstairs before Monday, before my aunt arrives, the basement is getting a little cold for me. My aunt is a weird person. She likes to scare people especially me. I remember her last visit and being in the basement, anything can happen. Yikes!

Daily Prompt – Realize

16 thoughts on “Thursday Morning

  1. Your Aunt sounds interesting. Yes our house is cold too but we think when it’s at 68 F it’s too cold! 71 or 72 in winter is best. Luck with your Aunt.

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    1. Yeah, she sure is an interesting person. One of a kind. She looks like her sisters but she sure doesn’t act like them. If my mom turns on the heat, she’ll only keep it at 68 which sometimes is ok but really, I prefer 70 or 71.


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