It’s almost over, carry on

il_430xN.92370863112016 has been a long year and this feels like the longest summer of my life. I had two weeks off back in May before the Summer semester began. The last class ended a week ago and I’ve been cramming for finals since then. I wish it to end. I don’t want to do anything else.

All my signs of anxiety even have returned: wrinkles on my forehead and crow’s feet. It’s horrible.

I had begun meditation again but I couldn’t last even 5 minutes. So many things are making me anxious and my level of irritation skyrocket. Like the planes in the sky constantly muting my music.

I’m glad my mom starts work this week. With her at home, she’s calling me every 5 minutes to have me proofread her emails and solve her computer problems. Then when I told her about my problem with the final for my class, she didn’t sympathize with me. She stood on the side of the instructor. Typical teacher behavior. They never stand with the students. I’m glad she’s not at home this weekend. I need some alone time to simmer down my irritation.

I’m so tired of staring at a textbook all day even if it’s just for a few days. I wish there’s a way to extend that two-weeks break but you know what they say, “Time flies when you’re doing nothing.”

Breathe, you can do this. Just a few more hours and then you’ll be free. Just carry on. 89583-carry-on-quotes-inspirational

Daily Prompt – Carry

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12 thoughts on “It’s almost over, carry on

  1. I’m sorry Yinglan. I understand your problem with your Mom, my Dad was a teacher and is a Principal, and he always supported our teachers, even if they were claiming something outrageous. Find 20 min get a mask for your face like the Face Shop or something and just sit breathe in and out. It’s cheap and effective. A little hair mask is always nice at the same time. A bit of yoga or just stretching your muscles for 10 min honestly works wonders too. You can do it, one course, that’s all. Probably the hardest because it’s the last. I would start ignoring your Mothers call if you’re trying to concentrate, she solved hem before without you right?

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    1. Actually, I’ve ignored her a few times and she started yelling and screaming like a child and insulting my intelligence. After that, I just endured her call so I don’t have to listen to that lecture.

      Yeah, she had solved problems without me before and a lot of the time, she call me and then by the time I get upstairs, she’d solved them. So why call me? She’s already worried about when I go back to China, about how she won’t be able to have me at beck and call. I’d like that so much. I think I’d laugh then. 🙂

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