3 reasons why I love Fall

Ah, autumn, the season where the leaves are turning colors and falling and the temperatures are slowly going from warm to chilly to freezing.

Autumn-patternsI glanced at my calendar today and realized that it is the first day of fall. I was so happy because frankly, I am a little tired of the summer heat.

This past week, it felt like summer all over again. The temperature went to almost 90 degrees and my plan to move back upstairs was ruined. One downside to moving back up, I love my privacy but mom’s going to work early anyways, so it doesn’t really matter.

Anyway, I am really looking forward for fall and winter this year for three reasons.

  1. I can finally move back upstairs to my proper bedroom instead of sharing the basement with all the spiders. The basement gets mighty chilly in the winter.
  2. All the upcoming holidays and festivities – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Plus, my aunt’s coming in two weeks! No cousin this time which is better.
  3. Winter is coming and that means snow and that means, the planes will quiet down for a while, at least until next summer. I was going crazy with the noise. It sounds like a rocket lifting off all the time. Finally peace and quiet.

On the other hand, I am also dreading fall because of temperature fluctuation. It’s ridiculous. If I wear a big coat, it will be too hot but if I don’t, it will be chilly. That’s one of the reasons I like winter more than fall. On the other hand, I don’t have to worry about icy grounds during the fall. So I guess I can’t have everything.

What is your favorite season of the year? I’d love to hear from you.

Previous published on September 21, 2014
Edited and re-published on September 22, 2016

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38 thoughts on “3 reasons why I love Fall

  1. Although I would love to say ‘Winter!’, I’m one of those people who can’t stand being cold. And that’s sad because I really do like the concept of snowy winters (where I’m from, winter doesn’t include snow).
    Sunshine all the way it is then!

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  2. When we were looking at houses in Nashville, preparing for our move from Southern California, the realtor tried to convince us that having 4 seasons was a great thing. Fall is the best part about living where there are four seasons, followed by spring. You can have winter and summer. Too wet for me, slippery in winter and sticky in summer, here at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains,

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    1. Yeah, same here, the winters here is wet and slippery too but the summers, on the other hand, is dry and hot. It’s like you’re in an oven and you’re being burnt alive.


  3. My favorite season was always Spring when I lived in NY coming out of the cold but before it got too hot. I did also like Summer but since living in Jamaica where it’s basically two seasons I’ve come to miss Winter. It took me years to get used to not having the cold weather at Christmastime but then I came to appreciate the “Christmas Breeze” that’s associated with that time of year here.

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  4. I love your images, what intense colours – thank you for sharing them.
    Autumn (Fall) takes me back to my childhood, kicking leaves on my way home from school.
    All around the colours of browns, red, and orange – a natural reminder of the seasons and the steady dependable cycle signifying that nature is preparing for winter,

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  5. I’m a spring person. I love seeing the new growth push its way out of the ground, the first leaves on the trees. It’s beyond any visual pleasure, though–something about it makes me feel more alive than I’ve been all winter.

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  6. When it floods in Winter, the spiders get mighty crazy in Australia.
    It’s not so much the ones in your basement so much as the ones that fly (a process called ballooning).
    My favourite season. You could say it’s gold!

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    1. Yikes! Flying spiders, that’s not good. The spiders here in the basement fly too but they don’t seem to want to hurt me if I don’t bother them. They’re huge, by the way.


    1. The leaves during fall are indeed pretty. I don’t like summer because it seems like all my health problems choose to present themselves during summer. Besides, summer is too hot, makes me feel itchy and anxious.


  7. I love autumn! More than any other season, but I agree that the coat-part is annoying. Often so cold in the morning, then it gets warm and you have to carry the coat around. But apart from that I love warm clothes, lower temperatures, the changing of the colours of the leaves, drinking tea, taking walks, … 🙂

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  8. My favorites are summer and autumn but I love snow and Christmas markets too. Here springs are still a bit cold and grey and I get bad hayfever! Winter can be a bit grey and dark too, unless there is snow.

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    1. My area was one of the affected but not by the tornado, that was 10 miles north. Most of the damage in my area had been across the street in the mall and the business district. I’m grateful that only the backyard fence got damaged by the wind.


  9. I am definitely a fall boy. Don’t like the summer heat either and this summer went on for a while. I also notice that when the temperature finally dips people around me (and sometimes me) get a cold. I’ve always wondered why that is…

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    1. Oh yeah, this summer has been way too long.

      Haha, it’s the same over here. I live with my mom and every year when the temperature drops, her nose would be runny, she would cough, and her head would hurt.

      Thank you for reading. 🙂


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