The Fun Route to College

eDLHCtzRR0yfFtU0BQar_sylwiabartyzel_themapBefore I begin today’s daily prompt, I just like to say that where I live, there aren’t much detour that I know of. Although detours do exist here, they aren’t fun and they tend to get you to the destination in almost the same amount of time as the regular route, sometimes, faster. So enjoy the following dialogue where I tell a stranger (may be my smart-mouth cousin) about the fun route to the only community college in town.

“Good morning, Stranger.” I say. 

“Good morning, do you know the way to the community college?” 

Hmm, the way to the community college, should I give him the fastest route? Then again, the fastest route might involve traffic and that would become the slowest route. Nah, I’ll give the scenic detour. 

“Take I-15 and exit Legacy. Be careful on the Legacy. It’s 55 mph and cops are always hiding beneath the bridges catching people doing 60 or 65. Then take the 4700 S. exit.”

“But ma’am, I don’t have a car. I live down the block and I just walked here. I was hoping you’d give me direction that would involve public transit.”

Public transit, huh. “Alright, you go across the road to the mall and take the 640 bus to the train station. Then take the train to the central station where you will then hop on the trax train to 4500 S. and then take bus route 47 to the college where you will then walk 15 minutes to the heart of the campus where the buildings will be.” 

The stranger’s eyes bulges wide open and his jaw drops. He shakes his head. “I hope that was clear direction, sir.” I say. 

“Yes, ma’am, that was clear. Thank you.” He walks away.

“Have a good day!” I grin and close the door. 

8 thoughts on “The Fun Route to College

    1. I rode the bus and train for the past 7 years. So I pretty much know the public transit system. It really depends on where you live and the complexity of the system.


  1. Making your way around on public transportation just boggles my mind, Yinglan! I guess you get used to it though. Here we really don’t have any of that. We have some city busses, but mostly they drive around empty, as no one rides them much. Our only taxi service just went out of business this week, too.

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    1. You may think I’m used to it but I’m not. 🙂 Not really anyway. I still prefer driving. It can get me to places so much quicker.

      But then again, parking is a huge problem especially at the schools. I remember how panic I was on my first day of school and how much I wish I could just take the bus to school to avoid this parking dilemma. Public transit is good but it’s also bad because it takes so much time.

      If you live in a city where the buses just drive around empty, then they shouldn’t exist. They should probably just get rid of it and not waste the taxpayer’s money. 🙂


      1. I do agree that it is a waste of money and of gas for the busses. They have taken out some of the routes before, but people complained. Don’t know why, since they never ride on one. Even now you’d have to walk probably over a mile just to find a bus stop. And parking anywhere here is hard to find, since most everyone drives their cars. …anyway…. I would like to wish you a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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  2. Public transit works when there are enough routes and stops available where most of the people want to go. I have seen many people waiting at bus stops and using their cell phones which tells me they can’t afford a car but still have to get to their jobs. I would prefer not to drive for this and many other reasons and I wish public transit was more convenient and available in the smaller town where I live now. I also like your purple font!


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