Gut Instinct

My neck is feeling a bit better today, at least I can turn it left and right even if still hurts. Thanks to my mother for rubbing this Swiss ointment on me last night. It works better than Bengay and electromagnetic therapy!

Anyway, there are only two areas where I am confident about my gut feeling, cooking and driving. Because well, in cooking, most of the time, I don’t have recipe for me to follow. The amount of salt, sugar, and seasoning to put to marinade something, it’s all based on feel and instinct. 

And driving, well, I need my instinct to tell me sometimes when it’s safe to change lanes or when it’s safe to turn. Like yesterday, I couldn’t turn my head and I had to change lanes a couple times. I could only rely on my instincts that it was safe to make the maneuver and maybe getting a small painful peek into the passenger side mirror. But sometimes, even my instinct is wrong. Otherwise, I would not have that accident in 2010.

That’s why I don’t usually rely on my instinct because it’s wrong. Like when my instinct told me to skip the second class on that unfortunate snowy day despite the weather wasn’t that horrible outside, well, my instinct got me in a crash. How is that for making the right call?

Although it wasn’t my fault but the car is still slightly damaged and who knows what it’ll do to my mother’s insurance premium.

At the moment, I’m fighting with my instinct on something, health insurance. I’m shopping for health insurance right now and all these words, deductible, out of pocket, coinsurance, just sounds like gibberish to me. My gut is telling me the lower the deductible, the better but honestly, I don’t know whether to go high or get the minimum.

Any suggestions???

3 thoughts on “Gut Instinct

  1. A low deductible means you’ll have higher monthly premiums. A deductible is what you have to pay yourself before the insurance pays for a certain thing. That decision can be made by looking at your overall health (how likely you are to go to the doctor or need something serious and expensive). If you are reasonably sure you’re in good health, choose a higher deductible and lower payments (or if you have a lot of savings). If you are concerned that you’ll have a lot of doctor visits, you might want to pay more every month so that if something serious happens you don’t have huge out of pocket costs. Most insurance has an “out of pocket” cost for visiting the doctor. I pay $20 every doctor visit and for some insurance that’s part of your total deductible. The term “coinsurance” has never entered my experience so I can’t help with that.

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