Off to a Painful Start

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Well, technically, it’s still eve here in the U.S.. In China, it’s Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the goat and I was born in the year of goat. As I mentioned in previous posts, my mom said I’m bound to be unlucky this year and guess what, I’m off to a painful start already. This morning, I was woke by a sharp pain in my back. Not again!

Gee, I sure hope so

So I took an afternoon nap on Monday and apparently, the way I positioned myself on the bed affected some nerve in my back. Yesterday afternoon, I began to experience a little weirdness when I breathe but I didn’t pay attention. I couldn’t tell whether it was my back or my chest. It’s impossible to tell. I know, I should’ve paid more attention.

Anyway, the pain this morning was okay, not too agonizing, though it was painful when I breathe. I managed to finished do my laundry, finish my homework and my work for the month, and even got to rewrite a little of my short-story today.

I think it was that short walk to the sink after dinner that did it. I literally had to grip the edges of the sink tight to steady myself. Then I just stood there, unable to move while my entire left side hurt all over. I remember letting out a whimper-like giggle, that’s what pain do to me, it makes me laugh.

My mom immediately was like…

…uh oh, bad luck is at your door.

So we now have to head to Chinatown this Saturday to see if there are some kind of lucky charm that will help. Since when she believes in lucky charms? She told me to keep a horse in my room to ward-off bad luck.

I was like…

…where am I going to find a horse?

She also says the location of my bedroom might have something to do with my luck. She is acting very weird all of a sudden. I wonder if it has something to do with that 2-hour phone call with her friend on Monday.

More or less, my mom has helped me to apply some of that special medicine I used on my neck a few months ago when I couldn’t move and hopefully I’ll be able to breathe less painfully tomorrow. Let’s just say, this has taught me that I should not take naps when I should be doing homework.

Oh gee, thanks mom. Now you’ve got me worried about my doctor’s appointment on Friday. Perfect, just perfect.

10 thoughts on “Off to a Painful Start

  1. This is certainly not a bad omen, Yinglan. Relax, breathe deeply – don’t fear the year of the goat.
    My husband was also born in the year of the goat and – he’s fine!
    In Ireland, I was introduced to worry stones. They are delicately carved, often marble, I’ve got a ‘normal’ stone as well, though. You take it in your hand, it is cool and comforting to the touch. Then you let your worries flow through the stone (into the ground). Not all agree that it works; all agree that it is nice to hold one. 😀

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      1. Backache is definitely a nightmare, Yinglan. It’s also one of the most common complaints amongst humans – which I imagine you’ll already know. It’s all to do with being bipeds. (As though we had a choice!) There are lots of pain relief and muscle relaxing drugs available on prescription – and it’s always wise to have these things checked out. I wish you well in all this. It’s hard to think positively when you’re in pain. 🙂


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