Major Changes

I was going to wait until next month to do this project but I couldn’t wait since I already have a theme picked out and everything. All there’s left now is to update the pages.

Three major changes coming to this blog.

1.The name. I realize this blog has been known as “A Simple Life” for the past 2 years and a new blog name will take some getting used to but the truth is, I never really liked the name. It feels too limited and cliche.

I’ve been trying to think of something better for a long time and I think I’ve come up with just that. The new name of the blog is “Just Another Story”. Better or worse? I like to hear your opinion before I go ahead with the change.

2. I will be taking 5 classes next semester and at times, I may not be able to blog. Therefore, I like to expand this blog into a community in the case if I decide to open this blog to guest bloggers, their topics won’t be too limited.

3. In order to do that, I need a logo or a brand. I have created three designs and I love all three. So I need you to decide for me by voting in the poll below. The logo with the most votes will be the site logo.

Design 1:


Design 2:

Just Another Story

Design 3:

Just Another Story (2)

While this is going on, I will make the posts available on the reader, meaning you can read the full text in the reader and don’t have to venture onto the actual site, unless you want to. Although the site will be “under construction,” it won’t be as much a mess as some of you may think.

I think with the rename of the blog, I’ll have to rewrite the “about” pages but other than that, I don’t think it will be as bad as some of you may think.

I am sorry if this is an inconvenience for some of you but I assure you, I’m only trying to improve this blog.

23 thoughts on “Major Changes

  1. I think “A Simple Life” makes it clear the blog is about life But when you mention “story” in the blog title, I immediately think it’s about reading or writing or both. To me, it seems that most blogs are by writers or aspiring writers or people who just enjoy writing (and usually enjoy reading and books as well). So I think it’s a very big change, indeed!

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    1. In my opinion, life is just one big story in the making and this blog is more than just about life. I write fiction on it as well. So I think it’s going to be not as limited in the scope I can write on it but yes, it is a very big change. I thought about starting the new year off with fresh but maybe new year will come a month early. 🙂

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  2. I love it! Change is good. I also love all 3 of your logos! Why don’t you change them out as you see fit? They are too beautiful not to use. Have fun and welcome back! ❤

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  3. I think the change will be just fine! I do wonder, though, about your choice of new name. It seems to me that the word “Just” in your title seems a little, well, degrading, like your story isn’t special, which it is. Could I suggest perhaps the word “Here’s”. I was thinking it would be more like offering us your stories on a fine silver platter instead of “just” setting them on a side table. You can also ignore me if you want 🙂
    I do really like the First design of your “logo”. It reminds me of reading on a rainy day all bundled up in blankets! I thoroughly applaud your design skills.

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    1. Interesting. I agree a little. It does sound a little like I don’t care, huh. A little like I’m just throwing my stories out there. The reason I chose that title was trying to sound casual.
      But you have an interesting idea here, let me see. “Here’s another story.” It feels a bit like the start of a show, like [drumroll] Heeere’s Another Story! Is there another word to make the title sound casual?


      1. I agree with Annamae Tolefson. Your stories are really good and “Just Another Story” sounds like your stories are on the back burner compared to other people’s stories. YOUR stories are important to tell and should be shared with others. Just thinking out loud here…. “Stories Unlimited” “Soaring Imagination”
        Oops sorry..your blog…Love the snow!!!

        I love Design Number 3 because it reminds me of Harry Potter book 2 when Harry is pulled into Tom Riddle’s book. I guess I will never grow up.

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      2. Thanks, but I’ll have to go with number 1 for now since when I designed those logos, I forgot to take into consideration the size I’m allowed to upload. Apparently, all we can upload are square logos. Thanks for reading and the suggestions.


  4. Looks like I will be the voice of decent here I’m not so hot on “Just Another Story” as too me it’s sounds…. oh what is the best to put it? Dismissive I guess, for me when people prefix with “just another…” it is a downbeat emphasis: “Just another Manic Monday”, “Just a Small Funeral” etc, so I think you would doing yourself a disservice. Perhaps drop the “Just”. Sounds like interesting reads ahead…

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  5. Interesting name, I’ve no comment on the site title. But I do love design 2. Done with the vote. Looking forward to the change. 🙂
    PS: I thought you’d revamped your site not too longer ago?

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    1. Yes, I revamped this site with “Random Blog” in Sept. 2013, and changed to “A Simple Life” June, 2014. It’s not that long ago but I think with 2016 coming, it’s time to start fresh. 🙂

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  6. Yinglan, I liked all 3 logos but loved design1 the most. About the title ‘Just another story’; this title sounds casual and it doesn’t stand out. Like you did with the logos, may be you can come up with a few options for the title and get the feedback from the readers.

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