Share Your World – Week of July 16, 2018

Since we are approaching the hottest part of our summer in the northern hemisphere, what’s your favorite ice-cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet flavor?  (Those of you who live down under I’m sure you remember what it is like in the hot summer months).

Photo by Michelle Tsang on Unsplash

My favorite ice cream flavor definitely must involve mint and/or fruit. I tried a Thin Mint (Girl Scout Cookie) flavor ice cream a few years ago. So good! That’s definitely one of my favorite. Right now, I am savoring a tub of Chocolate Mint ice cream but I’m not into it because I can’t taste the mint at all. I should had gotten the Mint Chocolate Chip. Now, that’s got some minty flavor.

I have never had frozen yogurt or sorbet before, so I wouldn’t know the flavor I would like. Yes, that’s for real.

How often do you people watch?

I don’t watch people on purpose. It’s usually by accident which isn’t often these days as I’m always sitting in front of two computer monitors.

If you had a choice which would be your preference salt water beaches, fresh water lakes, ocean cruise, hot tub, ski resort or desert?

Photo by Anthony Metcalfe on Unsplash

I am currently contemplating whether I should take a solo Northern European cruise for vacation next year because by then, I would have 20 paid-vacation days and I will be desperate to get away from the crowd.

My mom’s family will come probably early next year to occupy every inch of my house. I will definitely feel claustrophobic. So a little getaway will be super nice if I can afford it. So if I have to choose, I would choose an ocean cruise because I have been on a salt water beach, to fresh water lakes, ski resort, desert, and I don’t really care to be in a hot tub unless I’m alone and the hot tub is mine.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Getting to spend some time alone and baking that pound cake was definitely something that made me smile this past week. Baking always makes me happy. Too bad I don’t get to do it all the time.

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Share Your World Challenge

Image Source (except noted): Pinterest

4 thoughts on “Share Your World – Week of July 16, 2018

  1. Ice cream… Ordinarily not in my diet (unless it goes into the blender with a spoonful of ground coffee). However, I’ve recently discovered Magnum Dark Chocolate covered Raspberry in a pint container. Hmmm… know where I’m heading this afternoon.

    Regarding the cruise, someone here just did a northern European cruise on a Windstar. If the crowded party-ship isn’t your thing, they only take about 200 passengers at a time.

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    • Ooh, dark chocolate covered raspberry sound very yummy. I just had an ice cream party at work. Unfortunately, there was no mint ice cream but I did pile my ice cream high with fruit and whipped cream. 😀
      Crowded party ship is definitely not my thing. I’m into the relaxing kind of cruises. So hopefully, I will be able to pick a great cruise.

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