#WeekendCoffeeShare: One of the Better Weeks

Good Sunday morning! Thank you for joining me for a #weekendcoffeeshare. Come on into my virtual coffee-room and have a cup of joe with me.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you this past week was one of the better weeks. My mom’s friend was in town which kept her occupied for most of the week. After missing her connecting flight, mom’s friend did not arrive until after midnight last Saturday.

The itinerary began on Sunday and at first, I thought it would be one of my mom’s tight schedule tours but it turned out to be quite slow-paced. We started by making a quick pit-stop downtown, to show her friend what little tall buildings there are in Downtown Salt Lake City. Then we hopped back onto the interstate and headed 45 minutes southward toward Uinta National Forest. 

Before I continue, I should mention that earlier that morning, my mom did say we would be walking a lot that day.

Anyway, we ended up stopping at a picnic area. The trail was less than a mile and completely paved. They spent the entire time talking and ignoring me. I couldn’t get a word in but it didn’t matter, not even when they had kept moving when I was ten paces behind them. I didn’t want the attention. I just wanted to take pictures of the stream, the trees, and nature.

Oh, and I finally got to use my brand-new tripod to take some long-exposure shots. 

After that, we continued up the scenic highway but less than 5 minutes later, my mom began to freak out. She’s afraid of heights and there was a section of the highway where the right side was the edge of the mountain. She threatened to turned around, blaming me for choosing such a dangerous road. “I can drive.” I offered.

“No, your driving is scarier.” She replied. Well, that’s insulting and mean, I thought of all the times she had depended on me to drive her somewhere.

The view was absolutely spectacular. Her friend offered to drive and my mom accepted her friend’s offer. After the switch, we didn’t make any stop until we reached the turn to another highway. From there, we headed for Strawberry Bay, “to catch crawdads,” my mom said but 30 minutes later, when we arrived, we couldn’t find the spot to catch the crawdads. “There’s no shady spot.” Her friend said. “It’s much too sunny.” 

Immediately, I knew we wouldn’t stop there for long. However, after taking a few pictures, they bought some iced tea and lemonade and parked themselves in the chairs behind the diner by the bay. While they talked, I made myself scarce and took pictures. After nearly two hours, we finally hopped back into the car and headed back for downtown for a visit at the Capitol and dinner.

Monday was the greatest day, I think. I went to work as usual but that evening, I was promised a trip to Antelope Island to see the sunset over Great Salt Lake. That day, I researched about taking photos of sunsets and where to see the best sunset on Antelope Island. I experiment with shutter speed and the other components to photography and ended up taking some of my favorite sunset pictures.

Not much happened in the next few days. My mom took her friend to west of the Great Salt Lake on Tuesday and some of the museums on Wednesday before her friend headed home on Thursday morning. Then what else can I say? Everything returned to normal. In my mind though, I will never forget that sunset.

If we were having coffee, I would thank you for joining me this week and hopefully, I will be back this weekend.

14 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: One of the Better Weeks

  1. Good afternoon my friend. I’m so sorry that your mom feels the liberty to be so inconsiderate to you. We are often nearly powerless to guard from such situations. Anyway, it is still your turn to be the adult and apparently it is her turn to be the aging mean old parent. On the other hand, I agree with the others, in that your photos are wonderful. Keep them coming. Talk to you next week I hope.

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    1. Thank you. No, I didn’t get a new camera. I used the same camera I’ve been using for the past two years. I just got a new tripod and I think that made some difference. That and I’ve been Googling photography methods. 😀

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