Which Ways to Bear Lake Again?

When my mom called my former student’s mother, aka her friend, last Saturday, I knew this Thanksgiving would be similar to last year’s Christmas – we would be spending the day with my former student’s family. My mom wanted to take them somewhere but where? The decision was up to me and honestly, I had no clue where we should go since many of the scenic byways in Utah are closed for the season.

“How about Bear Lake?” I suggested. Highway 89 ought to be open since it’s a national highway.

“But I’ve already been there before.” My mom replied. Actually, she hasn’t been there. Her friend’s husband had driven through there but at the time, my mom was too busy talking to her friend to pay any attention to the beautiful scenery.

I did not think I would win this one but I did. So Bear Lake, here I come again.

Logan Canyon was so different from the way it looked the last time I visited in September. Back then, the mountain was full of the autumn’s reds and yellows and oranges and the road had traffic compared to this deserted landscape.

The other difference between this trip and the trip in September is I’m not the driver for this trip which means I can take lots and lots of pictures from the road include this one. I remember this was the difficult part of the drive where I had just passed Beaver Mountain and road continued to climb before reaching the overlook of this beautiful lake.

Which Way Photo Challenge

7 thoughts on “Which Ways to Bear Lake Again?

  1. That is such a beautiful spot. And I’m glad you got to go there before the snow fell, because you don’t want to drive any portion of Logan Canyon in the snow. It’s really dangerous (IMHO). I’m in Brigham City, so I knew the area you showed in your pictures very well indeed. I feel lucky to live here. 🙂

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    1. Actually, there was snow up in the canyons but I’m glad there wasn’t any down at the lake. Brigham City, that’s only about 30 miles from where I live. 😀 I’m glad I live in a state with so much natural beauty.


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