Tuesday Photo Challenge – Sunrise

One of the things about living on the Wasatch Front is we don’t get to see sunrise here because the mountains are in the way. By the time one can see the sun, it’ll be around 10 or 11 AM and the sun will be high up in the sky. So it’s not everyday I get to see the sunrise.

This sunrise was from my trip to Capitol Reef National Park last September. Being this was a solo trip, I got to get up when I wanted and go where  I wanted. The night before, I googled the time for sunrise the night before and was determined to see the sunrise the next day and I got to see it. Boy, was it a beautiful sight.

Tuesday Photo Challenge

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Sunrise

  1. Beautiful…. and I understand. We’re right up against the “Carson Range” here, which blocks the horizon to the east. But sometimes the sunlight coming over and reflecting off the Sierra crest is very dramatic. Awesome sunsets are so frequent that I hate to admit that I don’t bother taking pictures of them anymore. Regardless, last fall, tourists were stopping right in the middle of the road to take sunset shots. At first, I was upset. But then it made me realize how much I take for granted. Hence the recent “Lake and Divide” shot I posted.

    I need to get my camera out!


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