Short Stories

This page is dedicated to Short Stories (> 500 words) that I spent a long time writing and think they are awesome and worth a read.

Note: Bullets = serials

  1. Thoughts in the Air
  2. Finding her Way Back Home
  3. The Singer
  4. Never Look Back
  5. The Last Memories
  6. The Darkest Month
  7. Decade Long Paranoia
  8. Lifting Christmas Spirits
  9. To Overcome a Fear
  10. Slow Down and Be Careful
  11. Murder at the Grove
  12. The Circle
  13. War of Four Roses
  14. The Spirit Rocks
  15. Time to Let Go
  16. The Nightmare
  17. Fearless
  18. Why?


8 thoughts on “Short Stories

  1. Thank you for signing up to follow Mondays Finish the Story! I sincerely hope that you get involved in the challenge by writing a piece of flash fiction to go with the photo featured and the opening line!


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