I can’t believe it.  Today is exactly a month from my graduation.  I am so excited! Also, in three weeks, I’ll be at last done with school.  Wow, how time flies by! I can’t believe it, it’s been 5 years since I first enrolled for my first course, Calculus I.  It has not been an easy journey and that includes preparing for graduation.

I applied for graduation more than two months ago and my adviser asked me if I was planned on walking.  I wasn’t sure at the time.  Then when I asked my mom whether I should attend my graduation ceremony, she was like, “There won’t be anyone attending.  Why don’t you wait for your aunt and walk next year?”

I would’ve thought that confirmed my decision because for one thing, I won’t know anyone.  Most of the people I know had graduated last year.  For another, I cannot beg my mom to go to my graduation ceremony.  I remembered the last time I asked her to go, she blamed me afterward because she missed a meeting and didn’t get her promotion.  So, this time, I’ve learn my lesson.

However my friend, Laura, insisted that I go, that it was once in a lifetime and that she will go as a support.  So now, I have two
voices in my head.  One is telling me to do it and the other one was telling me to wait and see if I have another chance in the future.  For the past two months or so, those two voices have been battling non-stop that is until two days ago.

What happened two days ago?

My friend, Laura, came over to my home to study.  We began talking about the graduation because come on, let’s face it, our brains can get tired and need some time to absorb the knowledge.  She showed me pictures of her graduation ceremony from last year.  Don’t even ask how she’s still in the same class with me after she graduated, the answer is we had a horrible professor last year.

Anyway, I saw what a big deal it was.  By then, that tiny voice that is telling me to go was starting to take over and soon it took over.  I began having visions and daydreams of what my graduation ceremony would be like.  Then in one breath, I’ve decided.  It’s once in a lifetime and I should attend my own graduation.  So, today, I have officially purchased my cap and gown and a stole of gratitude for my mom for all her support over the years.  I don’t know if she’ll keep it since she’s not sentimental like me but I will still give it to her as a thank you.

Preparing for the Big Day

To prepare for my momentous day, there are several things I am going to try to achieve in order to fulfill my picture perfect moments.

1. Lose at least 10 pounds.  At this moment, I’ve already successfully lost 2 pounds and since my mom left for her training
yesterday, I have put myself on a diet where I do a protein shake in the morning, a light lunch (maybe), and a light dinner as well as an average 500 calories loss in exercise daily.  I think if I have an important goal, I can probably stick to it.

2. Buy a dress and new pair of shoes.  I think since I now have paychecks, I can afford to buy myself a more age appropriate dress and a pair of high heels but at the same time, I can’t get something that is over $50 since I’m still saving up to buy a car.

3. Beautify my appearance.  Right now, my face is breaking out for some unknown reason.  I’ve been using astringent every night and it gets better but somewhere else would start breaking out.  I don’t know what to do about it.  I have these white spots that’s popping up all over my nose area.  I guess when the time comes, I’ll just have to cover it with makeup.

Now, a question for my readers, yesterday, an email was sent to me saying Commencement is May 1 and Convocation is May 2.  I’m not sure what it means.  Can anyone tell me what’s the difference between Commencement and Convocation and do I need to go to both?

Thanks for reading!

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