A Life of Endless Learning

Yesterday was officially the last final of my academic career.  I could feel my brain sagged just a little the minute the TA collected the test papers from my hands.  I was like, “Yes! After 20 years, I’m finally done.”

I could tell my friend Laura was thinking the same thing.  Although we’re not certain we did well on the final, we’re sure that no matter what, we both passed the course and officially complete with our education.

20 years! 20 years of non-stop education, of continuously stuffing knowledge into the brain even though sometimes no matter how many times I look at something, I cannot remember it.  Sometimes all I want is a break from looking at a textbook but my parents pushed me to keep going, promising there is an end.  I have been waiting for that end for some time now, the day where the place I have to go is not school.

oldladyHowever, now I know that education and learning will never end.  We keep learning even when we are gray-haired and need a cane to get from one place to another. Like my mother say, we are always learning something new even if it’s not at a school.  Well, she is absolutely right. Right now that I’ve finished with my Bachelors, I feel like I am at the crossroad where all of my options are currently blocked and I am just waiting for one of them to clear.

So far, I have discovered two routes:

  1. To continue education. I can get my Masters and eventually my PhD and teach at a college or university. However I cannot afford it due to the amount of student loans I am already owed.  On the other word, I really wish to take a break from education.  Let’s face it, after 20-plus years, my brain needs some brief rest.
  2. Or I can get a job. Practice for four years and get my Professor Engineering License but the income will be tight and I will have to question whether or not I can support myself.  On the other hand, it might fulfill my wish of leaving home.  Finally leaving my mother’s shadow behind as well as a soon-to-be a crowded house.

I am currently looking for an entry-level civil engineering job or a third route if those two routes fails.  I have been looking on indeed.com and I have been looking all over the United States although mostly on the east coast.  I lived on the west coast most of the 13 years I’ve been in the U.S. I think it’s time for me to explore the other parts of this vast country.

Right now, I’m just hoping that by the end of this year, I will have a decent job to support myself before my mom makes me go back to school.  My biggest goal would be to move out and get my own place and make my own decisions without my mother shadowing my every move.

2 thoughts on “A Life of Endless Learning

  1. Funny that you wrote “I am at the crossroad where all of my options are currently blocked” because at your age all your options are open. But it can feel like they are blocked if you are uncertain about what you want to do. And, I can tell you from my 46 years of experience, everyone feels like this a lot of the time. Good luck!


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