A Curious Tale For a Saturday

It is very hard to sleep in sometime even when I’m given the chance. This morning, I woke up to loud laughs and shouts downstairs. It’s the weekend and that meant calling back to China time. Well, now that we’ve got free international long-distance, everyday is calling home time.

Anyway, I got extremely curious as the shouts got louder that I practically stretched my ears as hard as I could trying to catch the conversation. What was the conversation about? Who was she shouting at? What were they shouting about?

Well, it turned out my cousin, the one that’s coming here next month, got sent home from school because the first day of school, he didn’t have his books or anything and he didn’t want to participate. Apparently, he’s been telling everyone he’s coming to the U.S. next month and everything he learns now will go down the drain when he comes.

That’s a load of crap and guess who he had heard it from? My aunt, the one that’s also coming! A few months ago when mom told her about our community center having an ESL course and that she needs to take a placement test to get in. My aunt was like I’ll do poorly so I can start learning from scratch.

Well, my cousin took that literally. He thought he was  going to learn from elementary school up like a redo of all the schooling. Silly, huh?

Mom called her brother and shouted at him but something went wrong, her brother striked back with double the force. Mom was left with nothing to say. Aww, I kind of feel bad for her now but not really because after being yelled at by her brother over the phone, she called her little sister and took it out on her. I was kind of glad because at least it’s not me.

Now, she’s still on the phone, laughing. Hmm, I wonder what?

Anyway, I cannot believe it’s August already! I can hardly believe that in one and half months, my cousin and aunt are coming to stay us. I’m dreading this very much and I hope it won’t turn out like the Li’s. Cross my fingers.

Anything you want to ask? Want to know?

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