Getting Lost

Would yelling and screaming consider an unorthodox way to solve tricky situations?

I would consider this a YES. That is why I do extra road map research whenever my mom and I go some place we’ve never been like Yellowstone or just simply to another city 50 miles away just in case we get lost because that is when she would start screaming and insulting how incompetent I am at reading directions.lost

It isn’t my fault we got lost. It isn’t like I’ve been here before. I’m just as new to this place as she is. Why is she blaming all this all me?

Because she is frustrated. Everyone gets irritated when they get lost. It’s only natural human behavior.

But when she is frustrated, I, as the primary navigator, get frustrated too. This is why I was glad she didn’t have to come with me to the officer training two weeks ago. Even though I’ve checked the map three time before I left, I still managed to make a wrong turn and get lost. But being alone in the car, I did not bang on the steering wheel and go all crazy like she did. I simply turned around and went back. Then, voila, I found it. If she was the one driving, my head would have exploded into a billion pieces.

6 thoughts on “Getting Lost

  1. Abusive mom. My mom’s the same way and she’s in her 80’s now. I told her she was verbally abusive, which she does not believe. She doesn’t cuss me out or anything, but gives me a hard time. I just say mom, you do know I know how to drive when you’re not in my car. I can actually do a better job by myself, no distractions.


  2. I like you! And your view, too! How did you and your mom end up in Utah? I’m asking because a Japanese guy I worked with a while back landed at Utah State as his 1st view of this country. This seemed odd to me so I’m wondering what the attraction is between Utah and the Far East.
    Nothing against Utah, mind you. It’s a beautiful state. My husband was born there and I’ve driven through many times to visit my late mother-in-law who lived in the bustling metropolis of Malad, Idaho (just over the state line from Utah on I-15). PS My blog appearance is pretty crappy. Improving that is high on my list of things to do if I can ever get some help.


    1. Thanks!. We actually moved to Utah from Austin, TX a few years ago because of my mom’s job and we love it. Everyone is just so friendly here. I’ve been to Idaho a few times, to visit my mom’s friend and on our way to Yellowstone.


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