The book I want to re-read

71A4KWHZm8LPhew, I’m swamped with novels to read thanks to all the wonderful recommendation from the various blogs I’ve visit. I recently read “The Visibles” by Sara Shepard. It was a great novel that I couldn’t put down once I got started. Now, I’m reading “Everything We Ever Wanted” also by Sara Shepard. I don’t know what to think yet seeing that I’m only on chapter 3.

However, if I have enough free time and I have read all the popular novels, the book that I would definitely like to re-read is The Ends of the Earth by Robert Kaplan. I bought this book I think three years ago when I took Middle East Geography, interesting but difficult course, by the way. It was our required textbook but I never read it because it was during my “I hate reading days” and it was so boring.

I still have no idea how I passed that class. But I eventually did read the ending and I thought it was okay. So I like to read it from the beginning.

Another reason I want to re-read this book is because it has something to do with travel and traveling is somehow my current obsession. I remember reading the summary and it said it’s about the author traveling from the Middle East to Asia. I just read the part where he talked about the scary journey riding on a bus from Pakistan entering China. There, he had to go through that horrifying narrow and rickety highway which I have forgotten the name.

Anyway, if I have the time, I would definitely read this book from the beginning just to read about the adventure through Africa, Middle East, and Asia. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be anytime soon seeing that school’s starting again in 8 days 😦 and that’s the end of my summer.

Well, that’s it for now! Have a great day! 🙂

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