A Dream Tunnel to School

It’s been a strange summer, I must say, weather-wise. There’s been days when it was completely sunny, not a cloud in the sky while there are days like today, cloudy sky with an occasion sprinkle. I hate those days, it makes me feel completely blue and sad.

Anyway, school’s starting next Monday and I am incredibly nervous. Why, you ask? Yesterday, I went to check out the school. I must admit, it’s a bit late for that. Anyway, the parking lot where I am supposed to be parking on Monday is current under construction. What? And there’s not another parking lot anywhere near the building. So basically, until I find another parking lot, I will just have to park on the street. I paid $73 to park on the street?

I don’t mind parking on the street, actually, not currently at least. But when the winter comes, then I do mind because I do not want to trudge through 3 feet of snow through the quad field just to get to class. Did I mention there’s an unavoidable large field between the parking area and the building?

I know some people would kill for a chance to walk in the snow everyday to class, I don’t. After residing here for the past 7 years, I’ve developed a love/hate relationship for snow. I mean, I love watching the snow but I hate it when I need to go out, shovel it, or even go to school.

And it’s not just snow here, there are ice snow like early last year when an ice storm left an inch of ice everywhere. And I don’t mean blocks of ice either. Wherever there’s asphalt or concrete, it’s literally shiny. It was like an ice skating rink. I fell like on my back like 6 times just to get from class to the bus. I am glad I didn’t break a bone or anything. So that is one of my main worries at the moment.

Of course, mom’s already predicting the worst since this summer has been just medium hot instead of roasting hot like last summer. She’s predicting a cold winter and lots of snow. I hope not, cross my fingers.

Oh, to address today’s prompt, if I can build a tunnel secretly connecting my home to anywhere I want, it would be school, the building where I attend my classes, to be specific. I know, nerdy choice but I am serious. If I am going to attend this school for the next 3 to 4 years, I cannot repeat the same slip-and-fall accident as last year.

5 thoughts on “A Dream Tunnel to School

  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Since moving to Tennessee from Southern California I have found what I miss most is the weather. I remember telling my former boss one winter day that the walk from the parking lot was more dangerous than the drive from home since the roads were salted and mainly clear but the walkways were not. Go figure!


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