If I can only dream…

About two years ago, while I was heading to the computer lab to print off some papers, a boy I don’t remember meeting came up to me and said, “How are you?”

I was like, “There are good.” Do I know you? I wanted to ask but if he knew me, I should have known him too. Perhaps we were in a class together. Besides, I was afraid of looking stupid for not remembering someone but now after graduating, I realized that wasn’t stupid at all. I’ve been in numerous classes, there are ought to be a few forgotten faces along the way.

Anyway, he nodded, “Well it’s nice to see you again.” Then he walked away.

I continued walking toward the computer lab, reminiscing my strange encounter. Who is that? Then I started ticking off the classes I’ve been in so far and kept coming back to the Computer Science class I took about a year earlier. Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s the class we shared.

If I twisted this situation and changed the location to say, oh I don’t know, a cafe, and instead of saying how are you, he says, “I’ve been looking for you.” I would had been completely freaked because there are two reasons and only two reasons why he would say those words:

  1. He has been looking for his soul mate or someone that has a mysterious supernatural connection to him and it just so happens to be me. That is if such thing exist.
  2. I forgot I have a team assignment and I didn’t do my part. This guy just come and drag me to work on the assignment.

I would have asked, “Do I know you?” under reason #1 or “Oh my gosh, did I forget the group assignment?” under reason #2. Then I would probably get either an exasperating answer or a don’t worry about it, we’re already finished. That would be my lucky day and I lean back to enjoy my drink.

Under reason #1 however, I would imagine him smiling and sits down. Then we’d start a conversation about whatever and fall in love almost instantaneously. Then we get married and live happily ever after. Did I mention I am a dreamer? Yeah, well if I can only dream of such situation happening in real life…

5 thoughts on “If I can only dream…

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  3. I liked the title.. I also liked reading your post.. It’s nice to see life’s situation through someone else’s perspective..
    No matter what I do, if someone random who I don’t remember walks to me to talk, I’ve this automatic ‘question-mark’ expression on my face. You’re lucky that you did not disappoint someone. 🙂

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    • Thanks. I like reading your post too. Yes, it is interesting to read about how another person would handle the same situation.
      I was glad that that guy was the only one I ran into that I didn’t remember. Usually, I am pretty good at remember people’s names and faces but that person, I just cannot match it with a name.


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