5 things I wish to change about me

No such thing as perfectThere are always a million things we want to change about our lives. So to list five is a difficult choice. But will crossing out those five things make our lives easier? Slightly more enjoyable? It depends, everyone is different. The five things I want to change in my life are:

1. I wish I was fast at doing things. I used to be called a slow-poke but to be honest, I’ve seen some people who are even slower than me which it’s annoying and those people are all guys.

Like the international student who came to stay with us for a month or so, we didn’t have a bathroom in the basement then, so I had to share my bathroom with him. It takes him forever to shower and it takes him even longer to get ready. It annoyed the crap out of mom and it’s even worse with me. It’s like he does things in slow-motion. This is one of the things I want to change. I try to do thing fast but sometimes in a rush, my workmanship become sloppy.

2. I wish I was more social. I am trying to accomplish this exact thing at the moment but I always back down the last minute thinking I will have another opportunity to take to this person. Guess what, I don’t.

I want to be able approach one of the Beta Alpha Psi member or even the person who sits next to me in class and be able to strike a conversation. I like being a loner but sometimes being a loner is not the good way to live life.

3. I wish I had perfect skin and not what I have now, blackhead filled and acne everywhere. I am tired of having to use different stuff and scrub the crap out of my skin every night. Also, if I have perfect skin, I won’t have to photoshop every one of my photos. 🙂

4. I wish I wasn’t born with this ridiculously rare genetic disorder that barely any doctor knows about. I want to grow, have bigger hands and feet, and I want to be taller and thin. Most of all, I want to be what it’s considered to be a normal person. I don’t want people look at me funny and I don’t want salesmen to knock on my door and ask if my parents are home because they think I am still in my teens.

5. Lastly, I wish I wasn’t raised in a setting where money is all that matters. It made me stingy and cheap. You can say it made me a hoarder, have money but never want to spend it. I don’t want to be that. I want to get what I want and be satisfied instead of racking up money and never getting the things I want.

If I cross these five things from my list of changes I want in my life, would it make my life perfect? I am not sure. It might make my life a little more enjoyable but to make life perfect would take a lot more than making changes. After all, there’s no such thing as perfect.

7 thoughts on “5 things I wish to change about me

      1. Everyone’s different, but mine finally went away for good when I was in my early-mid 20’s. Have you tried prescription meds for it? I never did, but a lot of my friends did.


  1. Great perspective here. You’re exactly right about there being no such thing as perfect. Some things we can change, others we can’t, but they all teach us something about the world and ourselves. With regard to your first item, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing! Attention to detail is something most people overlook these days – like you said, without it workmanship can become sloppy. Enjoyed reading your post!

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  2. 1. The race does not always go to the swiftest.
    2. Give yourself some time.
    3. My mom used to ask the dermatologist when I would outgrow my acne. He told her he had no acne patients on Medicare. It actually happened later in my 20s, as I recall.
    4. We each have our crosses to bear. Compare yourself to others who have conditions that are worse or rarer than yours and be grateful.
    5. That’s called saving, either for a rainy day or for a happy or early retirement.
    Our lives, needs, wants all change over time. It would probably be interesting to review this list in 10 years or so.


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