A Whole Lot of Apologies

I feel like today’s prompt is very similar to one that I did a while back. But if inanimate objects have feelings and emotions, then I owe a lot of apologies. There are so many items that deserve my apology equally. So I’ll just bullet-list a few.

  • To my microwave for sometimes slamming the door and the food explosion. You’re simply too powerful.
  • To my mouse for getting mad at the computer’s functionality and taking it out on you. I know you’re not made of steel and I will be careful with you from now on.
  • To the recliner couch. Sorry for always putting weight on you.
  • To the TV remote for always dropping you on the floor. It’s lucky you’re still functioning.

Oh boy, that’ll be a big problem if everything has feelings and emotions. Luckily, in my mind, they already have feelings and this makes me to treat them as humanly as possible.

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